Staying Fit During the Holidays

Here it is! The both highly anticipated and extremely dreaded holiday season. We all want to look and feel great during the festivities, but let's be honest, Grandma makes delicious cookies and the potlucks are out of control at work.

Be honest... is this you during the holiday season? 

Be honest... is this you during the holiday season? 

Everyone makes New Year's resolutions for getting fitter, getting faster, being a better human, but why do you have to wait until the start of the new year? (Aside from the fact that 2016 was just a rough, awful year for a lot of people!) 

I think that a lot of people make the general assumption that it's just "too busy." Or the idea of traveling and finding a gym or packing any sort of equipment is a logistical nightmare. The important thing to remember is that you CAN have a great workout without having to use heavy weight or a ton of equipment. In fact, some of the best workouts can be done with the use of resistance bands or your own body weight! 

This is a really great set of inexpensive bands that you can get from Amazon that allows you to set up anywhere and get your workout on! They're lightweight and will pack easily into any luggage.  I'm a huge fan of using resistance bands to allow for fluid range of motion. Too often, we get stuck in the routine of using static machines and don't work through the varying planes of motion that our body uses daily.  Bands provide the perfect amount of resistance, while still allowing for that freedom of movement.

Now the big question:  What do I DO with them!?  Here is a great routine from Paleo Hacks that is a simple, easy to use band routine that targets the whole body in a single workout. It is perfect for beginners or even advanced athletes who are looking for a little variety in their workout.  Give it a try this holiday season!    You'll be glad you did!