Global Wellness Day

This past Saturday I had the honor of representing Rogue Running at a Global Wellness Day sponsored by Lululemon.  

Chase, the store manager at my local Austin, TX Lululemon contacted both myself and another coach from Rogue about leading a run group from the Four Seasons.  I can't honestly say that I had done anything like this before, and I was very excited to be a part of such a great running community and encourage runners for all spectrums to get out and go for a run.  

The day was soupy, much like every day has been recently in Austin.  I had started that morning off at 5am with some of my fellow runners in Team Rogue to start on a long 14 mile long run.  I knew that I was potentially netting quite a few miles for the day (much more than I had run in several months!), but I was looking forward to getting back to the happy hum of the Saturday long run.  

The run went well -- we kept a solid pace and I finished just before I needed to leave for the Lululemon event.  After a quick clothing change (thanks Lululemon!), I headed over to the Four Seasons hotel.  The grounds of the hotel are absolutely immaculate and, even after six years of living in Austin, I have yet to step foot in the hotel.  

The folks at Lululemon held a great event. Both Emily and myself led the runners down onto Lady Bird Lake trail in two pace waves and headed out for the 45 minute run.  Upon returning, there was fresh water and granola bars, as well as yoga mats!  Score!   

But the best part? Austin Humane Society was there with dogs for adoption and I got to spend 10 very happy minutes getting scrubbed clean by a little dog's tongue!!

So here's a reminder to everyone to make sure that you take time to love your body and get out and do something for it!  There's never a time like the present!