Holiday Runner Gift Guide!

It's just about Black Friday - which means we're all sitting around, post Thanksgiving binge, ready and eager to spend some hard-earned money on our relatives (and more than likely, ourselves, too!). 

There are SO many holiday gift giving ideas, so I'm going to break down my absolute favorite things in a variety of posts for you!  

So without further ado, let's kick it off with a gift guide that is PERFECT for the runner in your life!

Rugged Guards - Microfiber Super Absorbent Seat Covers $30

When I bought my Subaru, the very first thing I cringed over was whether or not I was going to be able to maintain the light grey fabric on the seats.  As a runner in Texas, sweating was something I was far too familiar with and I wanted to make sure that my seats weren't soaked with sweat and dirt and grime post-run.  Sure, of course I could have put a towel over the seat, but that doesn't stay put and doesn't cover all the areas that sweat can get into! 

Enter these magical car seat covers.  Literally - 100% a lifesaver for my car seats. I've had them for about a year and they've held up tremendously. Each time I feel as though they are getting dirty, I throw them into the wash and they come out brand new.  I haven't had any issues with the seat covers staying still and the microfiber is very high quality and helps keep all the sweat in.  Even on some seriously sweaty runs, it was never enough to absorb through the covers and into the seat.  

They're available here on Amazon and come in several different colors (plus seat belt covers!) and are practically a life saver for only $29.  


Also one of the MAIN things you will see me in are these amazing leg sleeves from Zensah. It's gotten to a point in my love affair that I rarely run a long run or race without them.  For compression, I prefer sleeves to socks since I find that I get a better fit from two pairs.  Here's why else I like them.  

They're great quality - There are some compression socks/sleeves that I've tried that are more expensive, but turn out to be wildly inferior. I put some serious miles into these and I still haven't had a single pair rip, tear, or snag on me.  They are machine washable and the smell-resistant. True, there are other more expensive brands out there - CEP or 2XU come to mind - but these have never chafed me. I can't say the same for the others.  

They're inexpensive - At $30 a pair (depending on color and availability), they're much more budget friendly than many of the other compression brands out there!

They come in a thousand different colors - Okay, here's another thing...I'm a sucker for a good colored sock. Why is it only white and black and grey? Gimme some color, man!

Find there on Amazon here

Just like I'm a sucker for my compression sleeves, I LOVE these socks from Swiftwick!  I have a relatively narrow foot, so sometimes finding socks that don't rub, slide down, or cause hot spots is a nightmare for me. But, these are some of the best bang for your buck socks!  Swiftwick makes a great product - they're lightweight, breathable and smell-resistant! And here's the great part, they're designed specifically not to have those pesky seams that somehow always rub in your socks!  Plus I never seem to get any blisters! Score.  

Price varies by color, but most fall around the $13 range - perfect for stocking stuffers.  Check it out on Amazon here

Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook - $16

I run because I eat. Or I eat more because I run. I'm not sure in which order it goes, but any person on your holiday wish list can benefit for a good cookbook.  I've made numerous recipes from this cookbook and they are ALL good.  Whether you are a runner or not, Shalane knows how to put together a solid book of recipes.  Not only that, but she has another cookbook coming out in August 2018 of quick-fix recipes. (Available for pre-order on Amazon)

Here's a few other cook book suggestions that make excellent stocking stuffers:

The Feed Zone Cookbook - $15

Skratch Labs created a recipe book specifically for the athlete, complete with plenty of fueling recipes that can be used pre-, during, and post-activity!  With a focus on real food, you really can't go wrong! 

Well Fed - Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat - $24

I have personally gifted this book several times because I absolutely love it!  Here's the best part - each recipe has a way to season differently based on whatever you're feeling. Want a Mexican twist? You got it!  French? Do it!  It's a great way to create numerous flavor pairings depending on what you're feeling! AND there are plenty of sequels

Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck - $15

Sometimes, I just want my cookbook to be a cookbook and in doing so, tell me just how to chop some fucking vegetables.  This is another great cookbook (also: vegan), but one of the best parts is that it's full of curse words and profanity-filled instructions. I think that makes it personally great as a gift (because who doesn't fucking love a cookbook) but also as a coffee table book. 

Still stuck and unsure what to get your family? There will be plenty more gift guides coming through the following days so stick around! 

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