Weekly Workout Roundup - Holiday Edition

I was reading back through my past blog as I was getting ready to write this one and I realized that I had unequivocally stated that I was so excited for the holidays for some rest and relaxation.  Hmmm....I'm not sure that that happened. The holidays were a time of a lot of travel and eating, and running, and eating and not a lot of sleeping.  By the time I finally got to New Year's Eve, I was so ready to sleep that I barely stayed up to watch all the festivities!  Not to mention, with both Christmas and New Year's Eve falling on a weekend, I got way behind on my blogging!  But, of course, I didn't forget you guys and I've been an industrious little beaver the last few weeks!

Total Weekly Mileage (Dec 18-24) : 49.2 miles


7.0 miles + Dane's Body Shop class

Monday was a mix of runs with clients and on my own.  I like breaking the runs into sets of 3-4 miles when I can, because it means that I can get in a little run here and there. Luckily, the weather had been awesome in Austin, so it made it easy to sneak out for some runs.

I got another .5 mile in during my Dane's class, which is always a bonus for me!  Hurray!  


Rest Day

In fact, I slept most of this day. For some reason, my body decided it needed a solid day of sleep and just shut down.  I slept in until 9am, skipping my morning run, and then proceeded to sleep until 1pm after canceling a mid-morning session.  Oof. 



13 miles + Dane's Body Shop workout

I got back after it again on Wednesday. Started the cold morning with a 6 mile workout with Brittany, as we hit up a hilly section of Austin to work on some hills.  Added in another 2 miles, which I got during my workout at Dane's.  That was the Kettlebell Heaven day....and my glutes will never forget those lunges. Sore for days!! 

On a spontaneous note, got in another four miles to conclude the day with Ginger and Stacey, who were meeting at Rogue to get in some miles.  Didn't necessarily need the miles, but it worked out perfectly and it was good chatting!


5 miles + Dane's Body Shop

After coaching, I took advantage of my break to get in a few easy miles.  Wanted to get a few more miles in this day, but had a long day of coaching and clients, so had to get over to the other Shop in time.  Finished another strength workout (my third for the week!) to round out a solid strength training week.  Finally hitting my goal of getting at least 3x a week strength training!



3.8 miles

Easy shakeout day



Rest Day (Sleep in!)



20 miles (long run workout)


I felt like I had taken it overly easy the two days prior to this run because it has been a LONG time since I've ran 20 miles, let alone ANYTHING with pace in it.  My friends were running a big Christmas Eve long run workout and I wanted a piece of it heading into 3M.  I wasn't exactly in long run marathon workout shape, but I was eager to see what I could do, plus I wanted to support my friend in her attempt at getting that BQ come Houston!

The workout looked like this.  3.5 miles of warmup.  7 miles (2x3.5 mile loop) at MGP (7:55), one mile at MGP + 60s, 3 more miles at MGP, although with no break. Now, normally in a long run, you'll take breaks every 2-3 miles and rest your legs.  In a race, there is no stopping. I've also never ran any workout where the pace-y bits were so long and unbroken.  Time for something new!

Of course, I'm always harder on myself then I need to be.  I think I get a solid A-.  I was able to roughly maintain pace the entire time (our first 7 were probably a little fast), but I did start to fall off at the end.  Some of it, I think, was the lactic build up from the easy "rest" mile for Mile 8. Not to mention, I had never run so many miles of a workout in a 20 mile run before.  

The cold weather is also not my favorite.  I feel that when it gets colder than 40, it affects my lungs and I could hear myself breathing hard.  I have a tendency to wheeze when the weather gets cold, although it's not a true wheeze. I guess I'm seasonally affected by asthma, but it's not fun, regardless. For the rest of the day on Sunday, I felt like someone was sitting on my chest and laughing at me.  

But, the great part was that I was able to finish the workout and, if I had kept going, I would have easily PR'd my marathon. Hurray for soft times!


Total Weekly Mileage (Dec 25-31) : 22.7 miles (DOWN WEEK)

I'll keep it pretty short for the recap of the down week.  I slept a lot; I ate a lot; I slept more than I have in the past few weeks. I kept all of the workouts short, and because we were closed for several days over the holidays, I only got in one Dane's Body Shop workout (although the hang cleans were enough to wear my shoulders out for a couple days!). 

Sometimes it's important to remember to take a step back and relax. The down week is exactly for that purpose - resting and recovering. 

I'm a firm believer in resting when your body tells you that you need to. I'm also a believer in not going out of your way to run on vacation. When we were in Spur for New Year's Eve, I was interested in doing all of ranch things and none of the running things. It was also 22 degrees, but that's another story! 

So, a solid down week is exactly what I needed to get back into the swing of things and rest my body!  I have a big week of training this week and it's not going to get done successfully if I'm not recovered. Not going to lie, I could still use some more sleep, but it's good to just enjoy the days off without having to rush anywhere.  


Recovery & Self-Care

This week is going to be one of my last big weeks before we head into the 3M "taper." Not much taper in my schedule going to the half marathon, but I will pull back the reins on the strength training.  Definitely want to make sure that I'm not too sore going into the weekend. 

Getting a massage will help ease the tension of some long days, especially after the workout on Tuesday morning and then before the second workout on Sunday.  Looking forward to seeing what my legs can do when I get out on the actual course! 

Sometimes, I get pretty stressed out and "over" training. But I remind myself that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it's almost here!

Goals for next week:

  • Long run 3M workout
  • Schedule a massage
  • SLEEP 
  • Continue my 3x/week strength training schedule!
  • Keep up with the blog