Weekly Workout Roundup - Nov 27

Phew!! It's finally Sunday!! I can't believe what a whirlwind of a week it's been!  I can't stress enough how excited I am for the holiday season to get here!  As a trainer, I'm definitely subject to the whims of the scheduling of others, which in some ways is great, and on other weeks, makes the week ever so challenging!  It's definitely a challenge that I love, but it can make getting time in to run difficult!  But, definitely made myself flexible this week and didn't hit every goal how I wanted, but managed to make it a success!  

Total Weekly Mileage: 47.1 miles


7.3 miles

The goal of this entire week was to work to increase my mileage ever so slightly so that next week I can enjoy a down week! This mileage will be the highest I intend to climb during the course of training for 3M.

I had a bit of extra time on Monday, so I was able to hit up my 6.5 mile loop around the east side of Austin.  I'm a bit of a stickler when it comes to running routes. I tend to create certain loops that I like and then I stick with them!  I also don't like to randomly turn down streets, either, so I always have to have a run mapped out before I start. Lame, I know!  But, I need to always make sure that I keep track of my time, so it's important that I have a good route laid out. Regardless, kept it easy paced!


9 miles (+ workout!)

Decided that it was finally time for me to start working on some half marathon goal pace (HMGP) workouts.  I'm still working on building my mileage, so the workout can't be too heavy, but I was feeling pretty confident that a 2 x 1.5 mile at HMGP would fit into my schedule.  

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 11.23.17 AM.png

I specifically mapped out a long warmup (3 miles) to one of my favorite loops.  It's the perfect flat-ish loop that would allow me to be able to really feel what my pace should be like.  There also happened to be a fountain for water conveniently located right on the corner of my loop (see, I'm very good at mapping routes!) so I could stop at the end.  

Pretty happy with how the workout turned out. Hit my paces on the head and didn't feel like I was overly taxing myself.  My old half marathon PR is a 1:40 (7:38 pace), so I think that shooting for a 1:37 (7:25 pace) is aggressive, without being reckless. I'd also like to think that the downhill of the 3M half marathon should help me, if ever so slightly.  Anything can help, right? 

It's also always a good thing when I strategically set my workout at a point that forces me to run back to my car. I felt great after the workout, but it was one of those days that, after the effort, I was just ready to be done, so I took my sweet time mosying back to my car. 



Easy running (6.1) + Dane's Body Shop (.5 mile)

Call it what you want, but I love getting some extra miles in during my Dane's strength workouts!  I found a quick chunk of time between sessions to get in a couple miles, followed by a solid strength workout!  We've been working on some deadlifts and presses this week and it's great to feel myself getting stronger!  Deadlifts are such a great way for runners to work on strengthening their hamstrings and I LOVE them! 

And, bonus, I got to spend a bit of my afternoon on Wednesday with some self-care.  I have since decided that, since turning 30, it was time that I put some more effort into taking care of myself and scheduled a microdermabrasion with Face to Face Spa.  It was super relaxing and I'm excited to continue keeping up with some of the girly aspects that I know that I've neglected in the past.  If anything, focusing on one small thing for ME each week, gives me something to look forward to.  And, knowing that I'm going to do something for myself each week, means that I actually DO it, instead of just saying I will! 



3.1 easy miles + Dane's Body Shop

Today had been a planned running off day, but apparently the Scheduling Gods were not in my favor.  I had shipped myself some Christmas presents and apparently UPS was doing everything that they could to prevent me from sneakily getting them into the house!  So, needless to say, my "free" afternoon was spent running up to South Dallas (okay, fine, North Austin) to track down some packages before they were shipped back to wherever they were supposed to go.  That, along with some client rescheduling, left some random chunks in my schedule and it was just *too beautiful* on Thursday not to go for a short little run while I waited at the Shop.

I went to my usual 11:45a Hybrid class at Dane's and got to work on strict press, which has seriously been one of my weakest lifts. With all the craziness, I was only able to make it to two strength classes this week (my goal is three!), but two is better than one, which is better than zero!  It's not always about hitting your goals head on, but doing the best that you can to hit each goal as they come!


4 easy miles

Friday was another gorgeous day and I took advantage of it to run around the east side and get some volume in on my legs.  Today was one of the first days that I didn't really want to run (mostly because I was feeling lazy) but it was also one of the best feeling runs when I was done.  Regardless of how I'm feeling on the day, I know that I always feel better after a short shakeout run, regardless of what else is going on.  Sometimes it's just about clearing your head, you know?  


14 miles (long run)

Well, this was the second goal that I hadn't hit this week!  Blah!  I had planned on doing 16 miles (I know, it's a measly two miles!) but I had wanted to continue my streak of long runs. However, I wanted to run with Bre and she wanted to do 8 miles (I ran 6 before I saw her!) and I was having a bit of weird random hip pain (that has seemingly dissipated) and felt like it was best to save myself for another day.  But, it was a great run, the weather was perfect, and keeping it nice and easy was exactly what I needed to do.  

The more that I have paid attention to keeping it slow and easy this training block, the more I'm realizing the error of my past ways.  I'm definitely feeling stronger and the miles are feeling easier.  All of this is equating to being a stronger, more confident runner.


3 easy miles

Rounding out my Sunday on this beautifully dreary, foggy and magical day!  I love foggy, misty weather, even if it's approximately 70 degrees (uh, where did this warmth come from?).  It's the perfect end to a solid long week of training and the beginning of next week's easy down week.  Looking forward to getting a little bit of extra time to myself, running a bit fewer miles, and starting to kick off the holiday season with Christmas parties!  In fact, I even get to spend my weekend in heels and a sparkly dress.  Who am I?   

Recovery & Self-Care

As always, I focused on making sure that I was foam rolling a bunch in between each run, especially after my long run and my weird hip pain.  I got to use a really great vibrating massage ball at Rogue on Saturday that was being demo-ed (I need to get the brand name!) and that worked wonders on my hip.  

In non-running related care, I started my routine of paying more attention to my skin by getting a microdermabrasion.  I also purchased some really great products for healthy, glowing skin from Sephora (that I'll likely review this next week as I get more time to use them!) that I'm looking forward to adding into my routine. 

I also spent some time journaling my plans for the upcoming weeks, so that I can make myself committed to both my goals and to myself.  Sometimes I get too focused on a specific goal and forget to think about the larger goal at hand!

Goals for next week:

  • REST!
  • Party Christmas-style
  • Practice better sleep hygiene and go to bed a bit earlier
  • Massage