Weekly Workout Roundup - December 11

Thank God for Sundays!  Happy to finally be getting close to the holidays and getting some much needed vacation!  One thing I'm definitely adding to my bucket list for this upcoming year is more time off!  As the end of the year approaches, we're all so eager to hit our goals and wrap up the year the best we can, but we definitely forget to take some time for ourselves! After a long week of work and a variety of holiday parties, I slept like a baby this Sunday.  In fact, I didn't get out of bed until 10:30am...which is something that NEVER happens.  Who am I? 

Total Weekly Mileage: 49.5 miles


7.0 miles + Dane's Body Shop class

After my down week this last week, it was time to pick the mileage back up again this week!  Still ever so slightly, barely barely building as we get closer to 3M half marathon. Still having to pick a variety of times to get my runs in, but definitely making it work. This was my highest week thus far in the training cycle and I'm feeling good! 

Dane's Body Shop Hybrid Class

Made it to my usual 11:45am class this week and we were working on lunges and pistol squats!  I'm horrible with pistols, but it's always great to challenge yourself to do something you're not good at! Coupled with a workout with a bunch of walking weighted lunges, I can definitely say my glutes felt it days later! 

Later that night, I ran when it was a bit warmer (yes, I've been a bit of a wuss when it comes to temperature!) just before Core class. Was able to get in a quick easy run at 5pm.  


9 miles

I haven't been able to run with a bunch of my running friends since before the summer started due to a busy client schedule.  But, since everyone started leaving for the holidays, it left me with a free Tuesday morning!  I got to get in a quick and easy 9 miles zigzagging across the east side and chatting with new (and old!) friends!  Such a great morning to get some miles in and a solid start to my week!  Kept it easy!  More easy miles in the tank! 


10.8 miles + Dane's Body Shop workout

Wednesdays are usually my run workout days, but since I was incorporating a long run workout into my schedule this week, I kept it incredibly easy. I ran my miles in two 5 mile chunks with friends, helping each to do their workouts for the week.  Luckily for me, the pace wasn't too quick and it was a good way to fit in a long workout. Plus, I got to catch up over the miles! It's so much easier to get in long days when you've got good company. 

Sandwiched in between the two runs, I was able to jump into another Dane's workout.  This one was a bit slower paced, but it was perfect as I couldn't believe how sore I was from earlier this week!  It was great to flush out the soreness and cycle a barbell through some movements.  I could tell the two big back to back days were getting to me since I was moving pretty slowly.  But, all in all still good! 


3.2 miles

I had planned to run somewhere in the 6 mile range today, but my legs had been bothering me a bit and I noticed some calf tightness as I started running.  So, I decided to err on the side of caution and cut down the run. I knew that it meant that I had to run a different day that week, but I'm definitely trying to be better about listening to my body.  I think it was something that I really needed because I went home that afternoon and took a good nap (something that I've been doing less and less lately!).  


Rest Day


16 miles (long run workout)

This was my first long run workout of the training block.  I borrowed the workout from a different Rogue coach and it was a good one!  Started with a 4 mile warmup on the Austin Marathon course (up Congress!), and then broke it into 3 sets of 2 miles at half marathon goal pace (HMGP).  The first two miles weren't as easy as I wanted them to feel, but I had to remind myself that 3M is a downhill course and the Austin Marathon is anything BUT.  I was able to hit my paces, but I felt like I was working more than I needed to.  

In between each set of goal pace, I had one easy mile, so the workout got much easier as soon as I took the turn onto South 1st.  Going downhill to the river felt much smoother.  I tried to take advantage of the downhill and relax on the easy before I had to pick it up again.  The second set of HMGP was MUCH easier and even on some of the splits, I was a little fast. Feeling good!  


As I got onto the flat of Cesar Chavez, I tried to relax again before the final set.  This was a big workout for me and it is the first time I've ran that much volume at pace. The easy mile clicked off and it was time to get back into HMGP.  From there, it just felt so HARD.  I don't know what it was, but I just felt like I couldn't get my heart rate under control. I told myself I just had to keep pushing and it would be over if I just rolled with it, but as I hit the water stop on Lake Austin Boulevard, I decided this was a good time to call it. Going up Enfield at pace was going to be tough if I felt good, but this felt bad and I was slow on my fifth mile (7:30).  I figured I'd save my strength to fight another day and ran easy for the rest of the mileage.  Through the hills, my legs felt heavy and slow, but I started to feel better as I shook off the speedwork.  

Overall, I'd say it was a great workout, but I would give myself a B for the execution of it.  I think each workout teaches you something different and this taught me how to push on tired legs and settle into my pace.  I'm still feeling good as we go into 3M, but I know that I need to get some more volume in at that pace.  I have another big long run workout this upcoming weekend, so I really think that that will be the telling sign going into 3M!

Afterwards, I darted over to Dane's where we snapped our holiday Christmas picture.  Hurray for a tire tree. It was such a good plan. And then I got to go to Stiles Switch for delicious BBQ.  Okay, that's not entirely true. I'm not a huge fan of BBQ, but I do love potato salad...and they make some of the best in Austin.  Happy girl, that's for sure! 


3 miles

I had originally planned to take today off, but I needed to get some miles in because I was SO close to 50!  Not to mention, after the holiday parties of the weekend, I felt like I had to shake off the funk.  The weather was pretty at 3pm and the trail was full of people running around.  I'm glad that I got out and made the best of a slump-y feeling day. Easy, peasy recovery run shakeout.  

Recovery & Self-Care

Trying to relax this week, even though I'm building mileage.  I allowed myself to sleep in nice and long on Sunday. That's probably one of the most underrated self-care tips that I can give.  Even if you normally get up on your own by 7am, there is something SO NICE about not having to set an alarm.  No expectation of getting up!  Yay!  So, looking back at my goals from the previous week, sleeping more.. definite check! 

I'm still not hitting my goal of 3x a week strength training, but we're getting closer! I might have been better about it had I not been so sore!  Oops! 


Goals for next week:

  • Long run workout
  • Continue to party Christmas-style
  • SLEEP 
  • Get back to my 3x/week strength training schedule!