Holiday Recovery Gift Guide

If you're like me, one of the best things you could possibly get for a gift is something that involves a ton of self-care!  I'm not much of a girly-girl, but one thing I do love is anything that allows me to relax a bit! OR that I can make some serious use of each and every day.



If you had followed my blog post about my Cryotherapy sessions with Restore, you'll know that I raved about how good I felt when I got out of the cold chamber!  It was great!  And the best part is that, in my busy schedule, it only takes 5 minutes! Seriously, it's that quick!

Too scared to do Cryotherapy?  Restore offers a ton of other services, such as: compression boots (I LOVE these! Look below in this post for your own at-home version!), IV hydration therapy, and infrared saunas. Restore gift cards make some seriously good gifts around the holidays. Perfect for stocking stuffers!  The best part?

Restore is offering a sweet deal for Black Friday (and through 12/31!) Purchase a gift card totaling $100 or more, get 20% back in store credit!  The perfect gift for both your loved ones and yourself!!! 

Click here for locations and pricing.



There's a lot of different massage therapists throughout Austin, but there's not many people I would trust with my body like I would Beva.  She's conveniently located near me in Westlake, but it's just a short trip across Mopac for anyone looking for a new therapist! 

Beva understands a runner's body and has kept me healthy through some rough training sessions.  I appreciate a therapist who knows how to stretch, release, poke and relax my muscles, without making me feel as though I was taken behind the barn and beaten!  And, if you didn't need more persuading, she uses a combination of essential oils, scented massage lotions, and hot towels to add that little something extra to each massage! 

I go to Aura Medica for sports massage, but if that's not your thing, Beva also is skilled in prenatal massage, craniosacral work, and chair massage!  

Mention this blog post for 10% off any new service booked and a FREE hot stone upgrade!

Click here for online booking. 


If you're more of a "I like to recover at home" person, then consider this a SERIOUS investment into your at-home recovery routine.  There are various brands, but compression boots all work essentially the same way.  You set the pressure, you set the time, and sit back and relax as the boots gently squeeze and massage your legs (it feels like a blood pressure cuff on your legs!). 

This gentle, squeezing action works to improve circulation, flush toxins and lactic acid from tired muscles, reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to the muscles. By doing so, it helps to increase your recovery time, by aiding in the body's natural healing process. 

While definitely not cheap, this is a great, less-expensive option to the Normatec compression boots, while not comprising on quality.  Rapid Reboot also offers a two-year warranty on their boots, for that extra added ease-of-mind. 

Available on Amazon here



If the thought of spending that much on your recovery has got you spooked, look no further than the TriggerPoint sets. I've said this before, but this is definitely a must-have for any runner or athlete in your life.  They offer a variety of different products, whether you want a Large Grid Roller or you need a specialized foot and ankle kit. 

One of the newest inclusions is a Grid Roller Stik, which makes a great travel companion if you're looking for something lightweight and portable. Plus, any of these items make a great stocking stuffer!

Buy TriggerPoint here on Amazon. 



I'm sure as runners (and athletes, etc) we have all taken an Epsom salt bath. They're fabulous for relieving tired and sore muscles and helping to flush out everything in our bodies. For repeated weekly use, I love Better Bath Better Body's Athlete Epsom salt.  For an affordable, everyday option, Dr. Teal's line of Epsom salts is another great option. 

But the holidays are for getting something a little more luxurious and a little more special.  This luxury "Muscle Soak" line by Elemis is exactly that. The Bath Soak works just like an Epsom salt bath, but with the bonus of various extracts of birch, clove, lavender, thyme and chamomile mixed with sea salts to help relax sore and tired muscles.  It creates a spa-like experience at home, with all the benefits of the salt soak, without the medicinal smell (depending on the Epsom salt you use!).  

You can take the benefits out of tub, too, and use their Active Body Oil or Muscle Reviving Gel (bonus: the gel is safe for expecting mothers!).  Any of these make an excellent addition to recovery!

The Elemis Musclease line is available here at Amazon. 

Have more ideas for great recovery options? Post it below!


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