Weekly Workout Roundup - Nov 20

Happy post-Thanksgiving holiday Sunday!

It's been another great week, and especially special to have a little bit of downtime on the later half of the week (a rarity for me for sure!).  Even though we were traveling and bouncing around for Thanksgiving events, I was able to get some good workouts in this week.  

Happy to say I'm right in line with my goal again, for this week, as I type this before I head out for my Sunday recovery shakeout run! 


Monday: 6 miles + strength workout


I incorporated my Dane's Body Shop workout into my daily mileage for the day! 

We had a great workout up on deck:  The Mile Big Mac.  

One mile (7:36)

10 rounds - 5 pushups / 10 sit ups

One mile (7:34)

10 rounds - 5 wall balls / 10 sprawls

One mile (7:33)

My goal with the workout was to maintain the fastest, but most consistent pace that I could for the miles while still having enough energy to push in the rounds.  The 10 rounds of pushups and sit-ups didn't scare me nearly as much as the walls and sprawls (hello legs!) but I went into it conservatively.  I felt GREAT...and I should, considering that is close to my half marathon pace, but surprisingly felt the best on the last mile! Yay for consistency.  It made me confident that I could keep up those paces on longer efforts, too, and hopefully faster when it comes to the half!  Total Mac Mile time: 37:00. 

Followed that up with an easy 3 mile cooldown.

Tuesday: 5.5 miles + strength workout

This was another day when I took advantage of getting in some miles during a workout.  We continued Stamina Week at Dane's Body Shop with Kettlebell Hell. 

It's exactly like what it sounds like:


Kettlebell Goblet Squats/ Swings / Russian Twists

200m run in between each round

That doesn't sound so bad until I added up the 200s and realized that I was going to get 2 miles in during the course of the workout!  Perfect!  So, I ran the 200s at a decent clip (8:45 pace) and tried to stay as heavy as possible with the kettlebell work (26#).  Ran an earlier 3.5 miles easy before the workout, for a total of 5.5 miles on the day. 

Wednesday: Strength Training workout

The day before the Thanksgiving holiday was all sorts of busy and hectic with getting in as many last many client sessions as possible, so I didn't have enough time to run (or rather, I chose not to!).  I did get to take Autumn's class at Dane's in between my busy schedule, so got in a good dose of MORE kettlebells and box jumps!  I definitely felt the soreness from the plyometric movements later in the day and decided it was better that I rest. I napped to football (the best kind of naps!) and focused on a bit of self-care for the day.  

Thursday: 7.4 miles Thanksgiving run!


We got a slightly later start than we should have (oops!) because we were both tired from the day before and moving slowly. But, we got down to the Town Lake trail for an easy 8. Since we were short on time, it ended up being 7.4, but that's ok!  We still got in a solid run, although no Turkey Trot for me!  The weather was perfect for those racing (low 40s) but I bundled up in a long sleeve and headed out.  Headed down to San Antonio afterwards to get in some good food.  Thanksgiving is all about balance!  

Friday: 5.8 miles

Got in another late morning easy run with some of my long-lost running friends (boo scheduling and sleep!). It was relaxed and easy and the miles flew by!  Got to check out the new downtown library, so I think I'll spend some time there during the week as a quiet spot. 

Saturday: 16.5 miles (long run) 9:17/mile avg

Easily one of the easiest long runs I've had in a long time!  The miles flew by and I didn't notice my legs getting tired (even though I was a little worried since we went to the UT/Tech game the night before and didn't get home until midnight!).  Only had one gel, didn't feel hungry, pace was super easy and relaxed.  Solid confidence boosting run!

Sunday: 4.2 miles recovery run

Went out for a late morning (11am!) shakeout recovery run.  Legs felt good after the 16.5 yesterday and I tried to keep it slow and controlled.  I got a new pair of wireless Bluetooth Jabra headphones that I'm super excited to use in the coming weeks for workouts.  They have a heart rate monitor IN the earbuds, so I'm hoping that it's more accurate than the wrist sensors in a lot of the newer Garmins (a la the Fenix 5). Going to attempt some side-by-side comparisons this week and see! I'll be doing a whole write-up on the blog as I have some more user input to include.


  • Continue to maintain/increase my mileage (last up week before taking a recovery week!)
  • Add in some half-marathon goal pace miles
  • Have a minimum of 3 strength training days 
  • Use the hell outta these Jabra headphones
  • Keep practicing self-care!