The Tangle 30k Recap

"A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset. When you wake up, take a second to think about what a privilege it is to simply be alive & healthy. The moment that we start acting like life is a blessing, I assure you it will start to feel like one." 

Pacing Loop 2 in my  Zensah  sleeves 

Pacing Loop 2 in my Zensah sleeves 

Sometimes, blog posts are long. Sometimes I have tons to say and I want to wax poetically about the race and what I could have done differently. This race recap doesn't start (or end!) like that.

Point blank:  I was in a bad way mentally for the last race. I was undertrained. I was still periodically immersed in an emotional cesspool.  I was unprepared for how taxing a trail race is on your legs. I thought I could push through and I would be fine.  I was wrong.

This race wasn't about that. This race was about finding myself.  Finding my rhythm. Finding my trail legs. This was, as my coach said, about "having a beautiful race." 

And here's the thing. It was beautiful. The weather was perfect. My legs felt strong. My nutrition was on point. I could go on about how it could have been more perfect - who I should have beaten, the laps I should have ran faster. But at the end of the race, I crossed that finish line happy. I crossed it feeling as though I gave what I had and I ran well and I was happy with that. 

This picture might not be as beautiful.. 

This picture might not be as beautiful.. 

Could I have ran harder? Sure. Could I have pushed myself more? Definitely. Could I have executed a different plan that could have ruined my beautiful day? 100% absolutely. 

Here's the thing. If you can't look back and say, "I am enough," what do you have? 

Looking ahead, I'm ready for the Ranch.  I'm feeling strong. I'm feeling ready. And the day will come when I race hard and lay it all out on the trail. But until then, it's a beautiful world. 

Until next time!

Until next time!

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