My Warby Parker Eyeglass Experience

It might come as a surprise to some of you that I wear glasses. No, seriously! I do. But, I've been lucky enough to only need them in a small way - like when I'm working on the computer or reading. Wearing glasses when I'm actively focusing on something helps prevent the annoying eye strain that eventually leads to some nagging headaches for me. 

Everyone thinks that having your own business is glamorous, which, I tell most everyone, it is. Aside from having the toughest boss in the entire world (myself!), long hours, and inconsistent paychecks, I'm having the time of my life. But one of the main things that I find as a small business owner, is that I don't like to spend more money than I need to. And this includes eyeglasses!

As it is, getting prescription eyeglasses are just plain expensive! First, you have to go see an optometrist, which, if you're like me and unlucky enough to not have vision insurance, is just a bundle of fun money-spending. Then you have to pay for lenses. And wildly outrageous frames. All to prevent some minor eye strain in your eyes. But, let's be honest, I spend far too much time on my computer to not take my own eye health into my hands and control it. 

So, you'd be happy to know that I love Warby Parker! Here's the deal: they make it super simple to get new eyeglass frames, at-home, without all the money stress that comes with a traditional visit to your optometrist. And, one of the things I love most about Warby Parker is that they give back to the community. They have a Buy A Pair, Give A Pair program that provides eyeglasses and vision services to impoverished people across the globe! 

Warby.Parker eyelass at home try on

At-Home Try-On

If you don't know where to begin, you can start first with an at-home try-on. Say what? This is probably my favorite part of the entire Warby Parker experience. You can pick up to five frames to try-on at home, completely free! There's literally no pressure to buy from them - trust me, I've ordered several sets of five glasses before because I'm a girl and, well, I like options! Warby Parker allows you to pick through hundreds of different options, all starting at around $95, including frame! 

They send you all five frames in a neat little divided carrier, each individually wrapped and named. I love that I can try them on at home because there is no pressure to pick something out on the spot AND I can get honest opinions from my friends and family. And even if you don't have anyone to send your pictures to, Warby Parker provides help through social media. You can post a picture on social media with the hashtag #warbyhometryon and their experts will tell you how they look! How cool is that? 

Warby.Parker eyelass at home try on

Not going to lie, I was getting a little outside of my comfort zone on this last try-on box and grabbed some interesting choices. I really wanted to be a little edgy and fun with my glasses, since my style is very conservative and laid-back. But, that doesn't always mean that those fit your face. We definitely had some not-so-good frames in the mix, and I learned that I'm not Harry Potter and therefore, should not try to copy his fashion sense!

Warby.Parker eyelass at home try on

How do i get a prescription?

There's a few different options. If you have a current prescription from your eye doctor, you can just email it to Warby Parker. Just make sure that your doctor includes your pupillary distance (PD)! 

There's also a new service they have through their site (if you're eligible!) that can test your eyesight from your phone (keep in mind that this doesn't replace a visit to the doctor to check your eye health, however.). Or, you can simply go to one of their stores and get your eyes examined.

Can I use my insurance?

Sure can! As with anything insurance-related, make sure to check with your insurance company before signing up for an appointment. 

Are they affordable? 

I definitely think so. Granted, I'm on the lower end of the single-vision prescription spectrum, but they do offer high-index lenses, as well as bifocal and progressive options. Each of these will cost slightly more than the single-vision, but that would be something that you would expect to see with any vision provider. For me, it offers a quick, easy alternative to spending hundreds of dollars on frames and lens. Even though I have a low prescription, a slight stigmatism prevents me from simply going to the drugstore and picking up a quick pair. For me, Warby Parker has been a lifesaver and such a unique, stylish way to update my look for less. 

Warby.Parker eyelass at home try on

Photos by David Lemon Photography 

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