Aesthetica Med Spa Fire & Ice Facial + My Botox Experience

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Today I’m finishing up my second post on my amazing skin from Aesthetica Med Spa. And, this one is a bit delayed because I wanted to wait a couple weeks to really get down to all the details of what we did!


So, if you haven’t read my first post with Aesthetica, I went in to visit Nicole for a Hydrafacial, which, I cannot love ENOUGH. My full post is here and there’s also an insane discount code in the post as well! This time we decided to (well, Nicole decided to since I’ve been trusting her with my skin!) do a Fire & Ice Facial, which changes the PH of the skin both up and down to create the warming/cooling sensation. She referred to it as a “red carpet facial” since it’s perfect for giving your skin an extra glow before events.

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My Aesthetica Med Spa Hydrafacial + Discount Code!

The biggest reasons that we did the Fire & Ice facial is to help lighten up a few dark spots through my skin, as well as remove any dead skin buildup. And, we finished off by infusing in a big dose of healthy nutrients and antioxidants to make my skin so dewy! And if any of my Austin mamas are reading this, it’s pregnancy safe and great for all skin types! I thought I loved the Hydrafacial, but two weeks later and my skin is so much softer and smoother than it’s ever been!

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Something new that we tried this time was my first foray into pushing back the hands of time. Or maybe you would say “stopping the hands?” Anyway, I digress…

So, here’s the thing. With our wedding coming up, I’m looking into all my options for how to look my best on the big day (hence my love of the Fire & Ice Facial!). I used to always say that I was completely against any “plastic surgery” or anything that artificially enhanced yourself, but I think I might have been a little rash. Ah, youth, after all! I’ve chatted on the blog about my love of tanning beds when I was younger and my quest to repair my skin. Even though I can’t reverse the damage, I can do my best to prevent any new lines and wrinkles. So, when Nicole suggested I try a bit of Botox, I was hesitant. I definitely had horror visions of frozen and expressionless faces. I was terrified! But, Nicole assured me that Christina was a “naturalist” and that I was in good hands.

So, after my Fire & Ice Facial, I quickly got dressed and then switched over to Christina’s room. We discussed a few different options between Botox and Dysport and decided that Dysport would be a better choice for me (as well as lasting longer as an active person).

Aesthetica Med Spa Fire & Ice Facial + My Botox Experience
Aesthetica Med Spa Fire & Ice Facial + My Botox Experience

What is Dysport/Botox?

Dysport and Botox are a form of neurotoxins that block muscle contractions and are safe in small amounts. Injections of either can be used to treat migraines, TMJ, but are more commonly used as a treatment for facial wrinkles. The most common spots to use Botox/Dysport would be forehead lines, glabellar lines (the “11” between your eyebrows!) and crows feet.

Does it hurt?

Aesthetica Med Spa Fire & Ice Facial + My Botox Experience

Nope! Not one bit. There was one small prick that I felt, but no scary-needle pain and definitely nothing to make you never want to do it again. And, even better, I couldn’t believe how fast Christina did everything. We were done with the whole session in under 15 minutes.

Can you see/Feel it?

Right when we finished, my forehead was slightly red, but before I had gotten home, it had dissipated! But once it was in, I never noticed it again! The first 1-2 days, as the Dysport was taking effect, I would occasionally be “aware” of my forehead, but now, about three weeks later, I don’t even think about it!

Can you move your forehead?

YES! One of my biggest fears was that I would look “frozen in time” or the “deer in the headlights” look, but the Dysport has been a completely natural, very soft correction on my forehead. It just ever so slightly smooths out the lines on the forehead (since the skin wasn’t moving quite as much). And, for what it’s worth, no one has even noticed!

What is the after care?

Immediately following getting your injections, you shouldn’t lie down for 4-6 hours to avoid the spread of the injection. The same applies to working out. Avoid working out for 24 hours post-injection.

How long does it last?

Depending on how many units were used, and your regular schedule of injections, Botox/Dysport can last between 3-4 months. This is also a benefit - if for some reason you don’t like the effects, it is reversible.

How much does it cost?

The cost of Botox/Dysport is dependent upon how many units your provider injects. Since each person is different, and each visit, I would discuss with your practitioner what is right for you. Or contact Christina at Aesthetica Med Spa directly.

Would you recommend it?

I think any cosmetic procedures are 100% personal choice and preference, but I love the slight, subtle difference that it has made and I’m all about preventing any more wrinkles!

Can anyone get it?

My immediate answer is yes (and no). It’s not recommended for pregnant women or anyone with a milk allergy. If you are unsure, always consult your doctor first!


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