Amazon Prime Finds: Lululemon Athleisure Dupes

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So one of the biggest things that everyone asked me for this year on the blog was some affordable freakin’ fashion. And, of that case, I’m happy to oblige! To be honest, I spend nearly all day in my leggings and athleisure so when someone says, “Please find me some affordable options!” I’m there for ya, girl!

That being said, I figured I would conquer the biggest beast of them all: Lululemon. You KNOW your girl loves her Lululemon, but I can totally understand why people don’t want to pay the money for it. Some of that stuff is stupid expensive and it’s just not going to be in everyone’s wheelhouse for affordability. Even when I was doing my research for this post, I found some things that made me question why I spend as much as I do on Lululemon!

So, without further ado, let’s get to what I found! If you’re looking for try-on haul videos, I saved them in a highlight on my Instagram. You can click here, they are under the tab Lululemon Amazon Dupes!

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Lululemon Power Y Tank, photo credit:  Lululemon

Lululemon Power Y Tank, photo credit: Lululemon

Power Y Tank

I would say that one of the most quintessential tanks that Lululemon has is the Power Y Tank. It’s a thin cotton tank made from what Lululemon calls their “Luon” fabric. Essentially, it’s a sweat-wicking cotton. The Power Y is one of my favorite tanks at Lululemon because it’s your perfect casual day tank - it has a self bra, thin spaghetti straps and it’s long. It’s perfect for layering and casual day wear, or something non-impact, such as yoga. It doesn’t have any built-in padding, but it does have removable pads. While there are other variations of the Power Y, for the purpose of this dupe, this is the style that I’m referencing.

The Amazon dupe (on the right) is a pretty perfect duplicate. I ordered a size XS and I would say it fit me a little larger than my normal Lululemon 2 in the Power Y. So, if you’re looking to order, I would say that it runs slightly big.

The fabric of the Amazon dupe is almost identical to the Power Y. In fact, I might go as far as to say it’s a tad softer. I’ve never been a huge fan of Luon since I find it a bit scratchy. For a tank, I think it’s great, but (unpopular opinion) it’s one of the reasons I’m not a fan of the traditional Wunder Unders.

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The Amazon version fits identical to that of the Power Y. I’m incredibly happy with the length of the Amazon dupe as well as the fit. The only issue is that the Amazon version doesn’t come in a wide variety of colors (black, white, blue, grey and pink), but those are all of your staple colors! And seeing as how the Amazon dupe is under $25, literally half of the price of the Power Y Tank ($52), you can afford to have two for the price of one!

Lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve, photo credit:  Lululemon

Lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve, photo credit: Lululemon

Amazon Dupe for Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

Amazon Dupe for Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

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Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

If I had to pick a favorite item of Lululemon’s for running, it would, unequivocally, be the Swifty Tech line. There is a long sleeve, tank and tee version and they are my favorite in that order (mostly because I run in either a long sleeve shirt or a sports bra - there’s not much in between). The material is sweat-wicking and odor absorbing (as much as fabric can be, I suppose) and the best part is they just last. There’s been a few things that I’ve used at Lululemon over the years that just haven’t held up, but the Swiftly Tech line is not one of them. The problem, of course, with the line is that it’s stupid expensive. It’s also one of the first things to sell out in common sizes during a sale, so good luck finding it less than full price.

This long sleeve from Amazon is so spot on. I can’t do it justice in these pictures so feel free to head on over to my Instagram try-on, but the material is so similar down to the little air holes in the fabric! I ordered an XS in the Amazon version and I usually wear a 4 in the Swiftly Tech long sleeve, so it fits perfectly true to size for how I like mine. If you don’t like it to fit tightly (the Lululemon model above is wearing hers looser), then I would size up.

The length on the Amazon dupe is exactly how I like it on the Lululemon version, slightly longer so that you can layer it and it doesn’t roll up when you’re running (that’s the worst, isn’t it?). The sleeves are also very long, just like the Lululemon version, complete with thumb holes.

The only negative I can see is that they don’t come in a lot of colors, just like the Power Y Tank dupe. Black, white, grey and blue are your friends! Staple colors!

Disclaimer #2 - I was reading through some of the Amazon reviews as I was putting my own personal review together and it mentioned that there is bit of a variance between the colors in terms of sizing. I ordered the grey only and I feel that it fit pretty true to size. I can’t speak to the other colors!

The Amazon version is under $25, compared to the Lululemon version at $78!!!

Lululemon Free 2 Be Wild Sports Bra, photo credit:  Lululemon

Lululemon Free 2 Be Wild Sports Bra, photo credit: Lululemon

Amazon dupe for Free 2 Be bra

Amazon dupe for Free 2 Be bra

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Free 2 Be Wild Sports Bra

I pretty much exclusively run in the Free 2 Be bra. I have a few different others, but this is my ride or die sports bra. For someone who is smaller chested, it provides the perfect amount of support for running. I’m also pretty selective with my sports bras since I don’t like big and bulky ones but also don’t want one that is inappropriately risque if I’m running shirtless in the Austin heat.

This Amazon dupe is pretty spot on. Whereas the two options above are almost identical, this sports bras has a few minor differences. Some of them, I believe, are fairly cosmetic so I’m going to give this a 9/10. (Obviously, if I didn’t think that it was pretty great, I wouldn’t share it!)

The fit is pretty much the same. I got an XS and I would say that it fits true to size with the Lululemon 2. The differences are pretty small and, for the most part, cosmetic. The straps in the back of the Amazon bra are slightly thinner, and flatter than the Lululemon bra. The Lululemon straps are rounder. I don’t think that this would change anything in the actual fit of the bra.

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The front of the Amazon bra is also slightly longer (head over to my Instagram to see a close up view if you’re interested!) in the front. This might actually be good for some people who find the Free 2 Be to be slightly too small for them, or slightly larger-chested women. I don’t think that this “longer” length is very noticeable - in fact, it’s very slight, so I don’t think that it would do anything to add support. So, if the Free 2 Be isn’t supportive enough for you, this one will not be, either. The removable bra pads in this Amazon sports bra are also a little thicker. Again, this doesn’t change anything in the actual bra, just something that I noticed when comparing the bras side by side. I usually take the padding inserts out of my bras anyway, so this doesn’t affect me. I’d be interested to see if this bra stretches out at all - I find that the Lululemon ones start to stretch out as they get older.

The one negative I will say about this Amazon version is that I felt that the white was a tad see-through. I don’t think that you would actually see anything in terms of indecent exposure, but you could see the spacing in the bra. I’m not sure that I would wear this specific color for a run without a shirt overtop, but the other colors might be okay. And there are a TON of other colors.

The best part is this is another dupe that is literally half the price. The Amazon bra costs under $25, compared to the $48 of the Lululemon Free 2 Be.

Lululemon Define Jacket, photo credit:  Lululemon

Lululemon Define Jacket, photo credit: Lululemon

Amazon Dupe for Lululemon Define Jacket

Amazon Dupe for Lululemon Define Jacket

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Define Jacket

So, I know that I said I had a bunch of favorite things from this Amazon order, but this is a contender for one of the best of the bunch. This Amazon jacket is literally spot on to the Lululemon Define jacket, even down to the stitching details. I gave some close ups in my Instastories, but man, the details are eerily similar.

I don’t have one of the newer Define jackets from Lululemon, but I do own one of the older ones. I will say that the fabric in the Amazon version is a bit softer and thinner than the one that I have. I do think that the newer Define jackets tend to be more similar to this as well, so I’m going to assume that this is a point in the favorite of the Amazon version.

The jacket is otherwise identical. The fabric is soft cotton and very stretchy. It’s almost the same right down to the thumbholes and the toggle on the zipper. I will say that this Amazon jacket does run small. I ordered an XS and it was very snug. I usually wear a size 4 in Lululemon jackets and hoodies and this was definitely smaller. If you’re looking for the jacket to be form fitting when open or with a thin layer underneath, I think that the sizing is okay. If you’re looking to wear it zipped or with a thicker layer underneath, I would size up one size.

Here’s the best part: this Amazon dupe jacket was under $50 compared to the $118 Lululemon Define Jacket!!

Lululemon Align Legging, photo credit:  Lululemon

Lululemon Align Legging, photo credit: Lululemon

Amazon dupe Align Legging

Amazon dupe Align Legging

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Align Legging

Hi. My name is Ashley and I love the Lululemon Align Legging. Again, this post is really just a “Ashley’s Favorites at Lululemon” on an Amazon budget. But, I mean, it’s my blog, so I can do what I want. Regardless, the Align Legging (if you haven’t tried them) are just so good. They are a really soft cotton and in the high-rise are a perfect fit for everyone. They just slim you down and are really flippin’ comfortable. The problem that I (and probably the rest of the world) is that they start to pill after awhile. It’s equal parts the soft fabric and how much I wear them, but it’s a bummer when I start to see it happen. That doesn’t stop me of course, but it’s still frustrating when you spend good money on a pair of leggings. Not to mention that this soft material is not something I would run in - definitely a barre, yoga or casual lounging type of fabric.

This pair of pants from Amazon might just be better than the Align (that’s why I waited until last!). First, the fit is incredibly similar. Both pairs of pants are high rise, coming just below my belly button (I’m 5’3”). They’re also not overly long. The Amazon pair bunch slightly at my ankles, but I have more torso than legs so if you’re a bit taller, they’re probably going to be great on you. I usually hem my Lululemon pants to a 27” inseam to give you an idea.

Here’s what I love about these Amazon leggings. They say they are “ultra soft” - that’s an understatement. They’re silky soft in a buttery cotton-soft kind of way, not in a dri-fit running tech tee type of way, if that makes sense. The material is very thin and lightweight, as well, just like the Align (for that “naked” feeling). These are NOT compression tights (but then again, neither are the Align). It’s the perfect blend of slightly tight, without giving you a squeeze. I was reading through the reviews and many people mention that these Amazon leggings are squat-proof, aka you can NOT see through them! So, that’s perfect. There’s nothing worse than having no idea people can see your underwear!

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I’m also interested to see how the material holds up after a few wash and wears. This slightly silkier fabric seems as though it wouldn’t pill as easily as the Aligns, so if that is the case, then these leggings get scored a 55/10. If you’re looking to order a pair - make sure that you order the ones that I’ve linked here. This specific Amazon brand makes a few different pairs and they are not the same. You want (or NEED) the super soft ones!

I really have nothing bad to say about these leggings at all other than I need more pairs. I ordered my Amazon pair in a size small and I think that it fits TTS to a Lululemon 6.

The Amazon version is crazy low compared to Lululemon Align Leggings at $98!

Align Capri Option!

After writing the original blog post, I had a reader notify me that Amazon now has a capri version of the same “Align” legging and yes, it’s about as fabulous as you could imagine! The capri hits me just above the ankle (5’3”) so it’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want a longer pant. It’s also under $25 and comes in so MANY good colors. There’s a variety of pinks, blues, or purples for anyone who wants to spice up their color wardrobe.

And, when I was searching for the links for you guys, I came across a full-length pair with POCKETS! I can’t imagine anything better than the pants, but ones with side pockets?!?! I’m sold! I haven’t personally ordered a pair of these leggings, but they are in my cart as we speak! So get some before they all sell out!

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Biker Shorts Option

Amazon Prime Finds: Lululemon Addition

If you’re looking to get on the biker shorts trend, this pair from Amazon is a mirror image for the Align shorts. They’re high-waisted and incredibly flattering to your hips and thighs. And, as an added bonus, the longer length makes them PERFECT for anyone who is worried about their shorts riding up during a workout. The material, like the Align short, is thin and incredibly soft. Plus, they come in a large variety of colors and each pair is under $20. I got my true size and they fit like a dream.

Want me to find some more Amazon dupes? Tell me what you’d want to see in the comments below!

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