Everlywell Metabolism Test + My Results

I loved teaming up with Everlywell so much, that I’m bringing another test back to the blog this month! As you might have remembered, I took their Food Sensitivity Test a little earlier this year. You can read about my experience with it (as well as a coupon code!) right here : “Everlywell Food Sensitivity Kit + Results.”

Since then, I’ve learned that I have a bit of a sensitivity to gluten, as well as many dairy products and nuts. I’ve been slowly eliminating these foods out of my diet and I’ve been seeing great results so I’m so happy that I took the test!

This new test that I took from Everlywell is their Metabolism Test. This specific test measures three key factors of your metabolism: Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), Free Testosterone, and Cortisol.

As anyone might suspect, all three of these hormones have an effect on your metabolism. Your thyroid is essentially the gatekeeper of your metabolism and controls most metabolic processes and energy levels. Do you find yourself lethargic? Constantly irritable or depressed? Have you been gaining weight? These could all be signs of thyroid issues. Thyroid disfunction (whether hypo- or hyperthyroidism) is extremely common and runs in my family. For me, it’s incredibly important to keep an accurate check on my thyroid to make sure that everything is functioning properly.

Although we commonly think of testosterone when talking about men, testosterone is equally important in a woman’s health! Free testosterone comes from several sources in the body, including the ovaries, adrenal glands and liver and fat stores. Having a healthy testosterone level is important in keeping a healthy body weight and normal levels of fat stores. As always, maintaining a healthy liver helps in maintaining a normal testosterone level, so focusing on a diet that is low in fat (and limiting alcohol intake!) is beneficial.

Cortisol is our body’s main stress hormone. When we’re acutely stressed, such as in a “Fight-or-Flight” scenario, our body pushes out a surge of cortisol to help our body deal with the traumatic event. Sometimes, this is helpful, by increasing our blood flow and alertness. However, when cortisol is too high for long periods of time, you might find that it affects your sleep patterns and almost all body processes.

Everlywell Metabolism Testing + Results

Test Taking

The Metabolism Test was a bit different than the one that I took for the Food Sensitivity! (Read: “Everlywell Food Sensitivity Kit + Results.”)

One thing that I love about Everlywell tests is that they are so easy to use. Everything that you need comes complete in one package: lancets, bandaids, testing supplies, and even a label and envelope to mail back your completed kit. I always just deposit the test in the mailbox and it couldn’t be any simpler.

This kit included both a blood test and a saliva sample kit. I’ve had a few friends do the 23&Me genetic testing, so I’ve heard about the saliva samples! It’s definitely not hard to do (simply fill the tubes to the line with your saliva 30 minutes after waking, before eating or drinking anything!) but it’s amazing how much saliva it takes to fill one of those tubes! I felt like I was doing it forever.

The blood test requires a small prick with the included lancets onto the provided card. I did a better job this time of catching my finger just right and was able to get all of the samples I needed without having to prick my finger a second time. Considering I took this test at about 4:30am, I feel like I did pretty good! I simply put my samples in the provided plastic baggies, placed it back in the box, and placed it into my prepaid shipping bag.

Everlywell Metabolism Testing + Results


Good news! My tests all came back normal! I was a little surprised to see that my cortisol levels weren’t elevated, especially since this was the week before my marathon. I definitely felt stressed! But, even with a family history of thyroid issues, my TSH fell within normal ranges as well as my free testosterone. While I didn’t have any reason to suspect that anything was wrong with my metabolism, this test was an easy (and affordable!) way to check on your personal health!

If you’re interested in trying any of Everlywell’s tests for yourself, you can use code ‘SWIFT’ for 15% off! And right now, if you spend over $250, you can get 20% off with code ‘GIVETHEGIFT'

Metabolism Test

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