Favorite Blogs of 2018 - A Recap

I suppose you’re not supposed to have “favorite” blogs - that would be like having a favorite child or a favorite pet. Which, let’s be honest, is probably the case because we all, inevitably do. My grandpa used to tell me that I was his favorite granddaughter, so I know that this is true.

But, that doesn’t mean that I’m not allowed to have some favorites, seeing as how I wrote them. Actually, when I started to write this post, I thought that I would only have a couple, but as I went through the list from 2018, I couldn’t just pick five, so instead, I’m going to give you my Top 10!

Healthy Cocktails for Your Fourth of July

#10 - Healthy Cocktails for Your Fourth Of July

This post is always going to have a special place in my heart because it was one of my very first posts on the “new” blog! But, not only that, it was also one of my favorite ones for cocktails since I love a nice, light and refreshing cocktail. Even though I wrote it for the 4th holiday, I think it definitely still transitions well for any time!

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How Barre Changed My Body For the Better

#9 - How Barre Changed My Body For the Better

One of my most favorite things to come out of 2018 is my strength training shift from heavy weights over to barre. I’ve been super vocal about my love of Mod Fitness and it’s made a huge difference in my conditioning, both as a runner and as a human. I can tell a huge difference in the way that my body looks, feels, and is able to run. I’d like to think that going to Mod was one of the reasons that I successfully ran my Boston qualifier this year!

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My Weighted Blanket Experience

#8 - A Weight On Your Shoulders: My Weighted Blanket Experience

I did a lot of talking about sleep this year - both, the benefits of sleep and also my favorite products for a good night’s sleep, but my absolute favorite purchase for all of 2018 has got to be my weighted blanket! Seriously, since I ordered this thing over the summer, I’ve slept with it every night that I’ve been home. The blog post itself is as informative as I could be with my weighted blanket intel, but the more that I’ve used it, the more that I’ve grown to love it! It really does help with anxiety and NO, it is not hot!

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My Daily Skincare Routine

#7 - My Daily Skincare Routine

Skincare is one of my favorite things. I don’t wear a lot of makeup because I’m definitely in a career where I would just sweat it all off. But, my skin is important to me and so is making sure that I look younger than my 31 years! That being said, my daily skincare routine has been one of my most frequently visited pages on my blog. It’s also one of my personal favorites because I love so many of the products that I use on a daily basis. There’s definitely a whole other post on my love for Drunk Elephant, but this post incorporates all of my daily favorites!

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On Why Diets Fail

#6- On Why Diets Fail

This post was my first foray into getting to write about some things that I’m seriously interested in, including, of course, self-care and women’s empowerment. I feel that, as a female blogger, I want to use my platform for good whenever possible, and it’s close to my heart to be able to talk about the negatives of dieting. I know that I’m a health and fitness professional, but, above all else, I want to make sure that every woman (and man!) feels that they are comfortable with themselves. I always want to help people strive to be the best that they can be, but with that comes their own personal relationship with food and, ultimately, themselves. Once I started writing, I realized I had so much to say, so this post actually ended up becoming a two part series!

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On Making the Time to Meal Prep

#5 - Making the Time to Meal Prep

Meal prepping is probably the #1 thing that I get asked about and it was definitely a frequent subject of conversation on the blog this summer! It created a variety of blogs that I’ll link below, but it basically comes down to one thing: We all have the same time in every day. The difference is in how we use it. Do you want to make a lifestyle change? Then do it. Do you want to lose weight? Then take the steps that will help you get to your goal. If you don’t want it enough to make the change, no one can push it for you. As much as I want to help people succeed in health and wellness, you have to be want to be on that track!

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What it Means to Count Macros and Why You're Probably Doing it Wrong!

#4 - What it Means to Count Macros and (Why You’re Probably Doing it Wrong!)

Even though this post might seem similar to the one before it, this was one of my favorite posts too because I reference back to it many times. I also have a special place in my soul for it since it was a bit of a Pinterest darling this year (or so my analytics are telling me!). Regardless, I really like being able to help people proactively talk through their struggles with nutrition and help point them in the right direction. Even though I’m not a fan of long term food weighing and scale usage, learning how to eyeball food and portion accordingly is so important when it comes to learning about food and caloric intake. And, to be honest, most people just don’t know. So, I want to help educate you in the best way possible!

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Another one of my favorite things to do this past year has been to find some great things on Amazon! There’s soooo much to choose from that sometimes it feels incredibly overwhelming. Fashion is definitely something that people tend to shy away from on Amazon, and for good reason! I’ve gotten some baddddd things on there. But, if you’re smart and you dig a little (think about it like a good thrift store!) you can find some really quality items. This was one of my most popular posts as well, and as of last check, all of these cardigans are still available!

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Weekly Amazon Wellness Finds

Weekly Amazon Roundup

Weekly Amazon Finds

Learning How to Say No

#2 - 5 ways on How to Say “No” And Meaning What you Say

This was one of my first blog posts into the wellness realm and definitely one of the first posts that made me realize that I wanted to include pieces like this on the blog. I’m incredibly inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog site Goop, and I love how it encompasses so many different topics. That’s definitely something that I’m striving to incorporate more into the blog in 2019, so if you’re feeling some sort of wellness posts, let me know what kind of topics!

Regardless, this was my dip into the wellness and self-care arena and definitely one of my favorite posts to write last year. Just like some of my other topics, this branched into so many different wellness topics and really helped flush out Swift.

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On Giving Yourself Grace

Feeling Overwhelmed? Tips on How to Adjust Your Mindset

How to Effectively Manage Stress & Anxiety (& Part Two)

CIM -A Unicorn Story

#1 - CIM - A Unicorn Story

No way that you thought that I would finish this post without linking to my favorite story of 2018!! Of course I’m going to through in the most amazing experience, the most amazing group of people and the best time in Sacramento! It is still mind blowing to me that this day happened but I’m so happy to everyone that was there and was able to take part in it with me. Together, this was the perfect cap to 2018!

Thanks so much everyone for being a consistent reader of the blog, giving me constructive feedback and always being an inspiration! Without ya’ll, I couldn’t do what I do and love it nearly as much! Welcome to 2019! The best is yet to come!!

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