J. Forks Designs Does SXSW!

One of my absolute favorite things about this platform is that I’m able to showcase some amazing women entrepreneurs throughout the Austin community. There are so many different businesses and partnerships I could make, but I love working with awesome women who truly embody strong work ethic. It’s the characteristic of mine that I’m most proud of and when I sense it in others, it deeply resonates with me.

I’m super excited to work with Jenny Forks and J.Forks Designs for their upcoming Mobile Micro Store during SXSW at Hops & Grain. Jenny taught herself (in high school!) how to create these beautifully intricate jewelry designs. As she honed her skills with metal and stone work, she started selling her jewelry at the restaurant that she worked at. Shortly after graduating high school and becoming a young mother, she decided to make jewelry not just a passion, but a career.  

Since 1999, J. Forks Designed has expanded into retail stores all over the world. Jenny, along with her husband Cody, design all of these unique pieces of jewelry by hand! I love that her motto is “Dare to Be Bold!” because I think that is exactly what this entire jewelry line (and life!) is about!

Even though I’m primarily in workout clothes and athleisure ensembles, if you asked me to describe my personal style, it would absolutely be “bohemian chic.” (With the 90’s resurgence, I’d also add “grungy hippie” to the mix, since I have a bit of a thing for flannel.) It’s changed a bit over the years, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a pair of ancient Free People moccasins in the closet, just waiting for a revival. These pieces from J.Forks Designs fit right into the wardrobe.

J. Forks Designs Does SXSW!

I love the mala bead inspired necklaces with just a bit of leather tooling. It works perfectly if you’re trying to dress up a t-shirt, or you’re going for a dressier look. I’m already planning the perfect boots-&-jeans Austin Rodeo outfit around this necklace!

J. Forks Designs Does SXSW!

Statement earrings have been “big” this season, but even “lightweight” earrings seem to tug and pull at my ears. I usually can’t last the entire day/night with them in because they bother my ears so much. I love these leather cactus earrings - they are so light, it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything. I also love the southwestern, New-Mexican vibes and think they’ll be so cute in the summer. White tee and destroyed denim, anyone?

J. Forks Designs Does SXSW!

And Jenny doesn’t just do jewelry! I love these vintage throwback shirts, and let’s be honest, I’m digging the message with this one.

J. Forks Designs Does SXSW!

You can also check out all the other designs on J.Forks Designs website here - including, more tees, hats, & customized jewelry. I’ve already got my eyes on a few other pieces!

Event Details:

Event: J.Forks Designs does SXSW

Location: Hops & Grain Brewery - 507 Calles St. (Get the Porter..it’s amazing!)

Event Details: The J.Forks Mobile Micro Store will be at Hops & Grain Brewing March 13-17th during SXSW.

Dates/Times: The pop-up shop will be open from 2pm-10pm Wednesday, March 13th - Sunday, March 17th.


J. Forks Designs Does SXSW!