Making Workouts Happen While on Vacation

"I can't workout on vacation because..."

Sound familiar? Yup. I've heard it a dozen times, too. Here's the thing. You can workout on the go, on vacation, wherever! I'm going to use this post to show you some of my favorite exercises with of my favorite travel-friendly equipment and, for fun, let's add some workouts you can do anywhere, too (and in an hour or less)!

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The hotel gym is small. 

This is probably the most common issue with traveling. Some of the nicest hotels I've stayed at have had, traditionally, some of the worst gyms. But, even though they may be tiny, most hotel gyms will have some basic equipment, including: cardio machines, free weights, and benches. 

Does your gym have this? Let's go! Start with 10 minutes of cardio. Your choice, depending on what is available at the gym. If you don't like running, my next choice would be walking at a fast rate with the incline turned up to 2-3%. 

3 rounds: (little to no break between exercises)

20 squats with alternating knee drive (hold free weights on your shoulders to add difficulty)

20 dumbbells thrusters (squat, and as you stand, press the weights overhead!)

20 alternating reverse lunge (hold free weights on your shoulders to add difficulty)

Back to 10 minutes of cardio!

3 rounds: (little to no break between exercises)

20 dumbbell plank row

20 alternating chest press

20 alternating forward raise

20 tricep dips

Finish with 10 minutes of cardio!

My hotel/Airbnb doesn't have a gym. 

Well, that's where I like to go into my favorite easy-to-pack equipment. My favorite piece of equipment is my mini band. It's tiny, can be rolled into any pocket, and is incredibly versatile. It can also make a nasty full-body workout.

20 minutes:

With band above the knees:

20 total side steps (10 down, reverse)

20 zigzag forward steps

20 plank jumping jacks

With band around wrists:

20 walking plank

20 mountain climbers

20 band pull-aparts

With band around feet:

20 slow bicycles

20 flutter kicks

10 slow ab circles

If you don't want to use the mini bands, you can always get yourself a set of glider plates. These little guys are thin, equally as packable, and can be used on a variety of different exercises. 

4 rounds:

40 mountain climbers

20 plank jacks

10 sliding pushups

20 standing single leg deadlift (each side)

20 side lunge

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I don't have any equipment.

That's fine! In fact, that might be one of the most common issues people come across when traveling. Let's jump right into this bodyweight exercise routine:

3 Rounds:

20 jumping squat

20 side lunge (each)

20 forward to reverse lunge

20 glute bridges

1 min wall sit

3 Rounds:

10 Pushups

20 alternating side plank

30 seated tricep pushdowns

40 raised leg crunches

50 bicycle crunches

60 swimmers

All of these workouts can be easily completed in under an hour and easily with little to no equipment! There's no reason not to get your workouts in on the go!  If you try one of these workouts, let me know below! 

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