My Best Practices for Shopping on Amazon

I’ve been doing a fair amount of Amazon try-on hauls (see my post on “6 Affordable Cardigan Options for Fall!”) and I wanted to share with ya’ll some of my tips for shopping on Amazon. Obviously, these aren’t the ONLY methods out there, but it has been good to me so far. Granted, this might mean that I’m missing some great items (and I certainly haven’t explored all of Amazon), but at least the items I know that I’m getting will be quality items and if I don’t like them, I’m not stuck with them. So, let’s chat about some of the points I use!

I only shop Amazon Prime. 

There’s a few reasons for this, but the main reason is free shipping and free returns. If it doesn’t work out, it’s going straight back. Amazon takes anything back for a valid reason and you’re credited the return as soon as you drop it off (and it’s scanned) at UPS. It’s silly not to give yourself this level of protection. If you buy something from the marketplace of sellers, you’re at the mercy of their return policies. As someone who has had a few issues with sketchy return policies this year (boo!), I would highly encourage not setting yourself up for disaster in case something doesn’t work out!

Another really great reason to always shop Prime is that you’re going to get the Two-Day Shipping. I find, especially when I’m searching for designer dupes on Amazon, that many things are going to be coming from overseas. If you’re ordering from Prime, you’re guaranteed that it is coming from an Amazon warehouse stateside! This means that you don’t want to wonder where your item is, or risk getting it 3 months late. I’ve also had this happen to me and it is THE WORST! 

My Best Practices for Shopping on Amazon

The next equally important point is that if it comes from an Amazon warehouse (aka Prime), it has been approved by Amazon, which means that they stand behind the product of this seller. It’s important to keep in mind that Amazon is a marketplace first and foremost, which is very similar to Ebay. While Ebay offers some protections to both sellers and buyers, Ebay itself doesn’t ship anything out. If you order something and it’s not as described, you have to go back to the original seller, not Ebay, to get your money back. Even though the majority of items and sellers on Amazon are great, there are going to be times where items are not as described or even potentially get lost in transit. So, making sure that the item is listed as Amazon Prime ensures that you are protected in this case. 

If you’re confused about what to look for, aside from the giant PRIME next to the piece of clothing, this is what I look for. 

I don’t read reviews. 

I think this comes from endless years in the service industry, but I really hate reviews. There’s too many incentives these days to provide false claims or “paid reviews” and I can’t ever be quite sure that someone is telling the truth. More so to this point, I was literally emailed this week about providing a review on an Amazon product for a rebate. Well, of course I’d like some free money back! But while I do think that most people are honest, you can’t always be sure. 

And one last thing: Do you remember the last time that you gave a review over something that was just ok? This is another reason that I hate reviews. In the service industry, if someone had a great meal, they might write a review. But if they had a poor one, were even slightly disgruntled, had to wait too long, the first thing they do is write a review. Does that mean that the representation of the establishment is bad or you caught someone on an off night? Regardless, we’re talking clothing here, not food, but I digress. Reviews ultimately don’t matter. It’s free shipping and free returns. I’ll be my own best judge, especially when it comes to sizing. 

I’ll be constantly updating the blog as I find more awesome Prime deals, so stay tuned!