My Go-To Products to Keep in My Gym Bag (& Throughout the Day!)

I’m on the go all the time as a trainer, so it should come as no surprise that I basically live out of my car. I obviously love what I do, but it also comes with a bit of a gypsy lifestyle. To make sure that I’m staying on top of everything, I keep some essential items in my backpack at all times.

Simple Cleansing Wipes - Pack of 4 - $16

I’m such a huge fan of these cleansing wipes. For one, they are hypoallergenic. They contain no dyes, drying alcohols, chemicals or perfumes. They’re a great, all-natural face wipe that are easy to grab and go. Keeping a light face wipe in my bag is essential, especially in the summer when I’m coaching or running. I’m usually sweating a ton and wiping my face and keeping it clean not only prevents acne from creeping up, but also helps keep my skin healthy and glowing. I also loved these wipes because you can get them from Amazon for an affordable price. You know that I love a good skincare line, but for daily use, these wipes are the best affordable option that I have found!

Tula Hydrating Day & Night Cream - $58 (3.4oz)

I’m a huge fan of Tula skincare products. I’ve mentioned them in several posts about skincare before, but this hydrating day and night cream is something special. I keep the smaller size in my bag (1.7 oz) and it’s the perfect little jar to rub into my face after I’m done with the cleansing wipes. I really like Tula because their products contain probiotics, which help protect against harmful bacteria in the skin, as well as fine lines and signs of aging. Even better, this daily cream is soft and light, so it absorbs into my skin quickly, without leaving it feeling sticky or greasy. And, even better, this Tula line is really affordable. I’ve found their line at Ulta, but it’s definitely the cheapest on Amazon, so I usually buy the slightly bigger version there!

Living Proof “Perfect Hair Day” Dry Shampoo - $13 - $23

Thanks to modern science (or something like that!), I’m able to use this magical product to keep my hair in check day after day. I know that a lot of people will tell you that you just have to “train” your hair to not get as greasy without daily washing, but it still takes time. And, regardless of how well “trained” your hair might be, you’re going to get some greasiness when you’re constantly working out or sweating. Enter, dry shampoo. If you haven’t tried some by now, you’re clearly missing out.

If you’re like “What on Earth is dry shampoo?” - well here ya go! It’s a small little aerosol can that pumps a drying powder into your roots, helping to extend your style. Now, not all dry shampoos are created equal. My personal favorite is this brand by Living Proof - 100% worth the bit of extra spending that you might do. But, if you’re looking for something a little more budget friendly, you can’t go wrong with Batiste. You can get it in any Walgreens or CVS, but you can also bulk order it on Amazon, so of course, that’s my preferred method!

Vital Proteins Stick Packs 20 Ct - $34

I’m a huge fan of Vital Proteins. I’ve talked about it numerous times before, but the stick packs are one of my favorite things. I took them with me when I went to Europe, since they were an easy way to get my daily dose of protein especially when it seemed hard to find a protein-heavy breakfast. Collagen peptides are such an amazing (and tasteless!) form of protein that is amazing for hair, skin and nails. I keep the stick packs in my gym bag because, well, let’s be honest, I’m not going to carry around a huge tub of collagen peptides with me all the time. Plus, the stick packs are single serving and easy to grab and go in the mornings. And I’m all about that.

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Nuun Electrolyte Tabs - Box of 4 - $20

Here’s another thing that I love keeping handy in my bag. If you’re a runner, you need these. Whether you’re training in the Austin summer and sweating a ton, or you’re running (or working out!) during the winter, you’re continually metabolizing electrolytes. And they need to be replenished! Nuun tabs are one of my favorite ways to get in a healthy dose of electrolytes on the run. Each canister has individual tabs that pop out and go right into my water bottle or my Yeti. It makes it so simple to use. And, Nuun tabs come in a variety of different flavors - with and without caffeine - so there’s something for everyone. My personal favorites are lemon lime or cherry lime!

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RX Bar Box of 12 - $20

If you can’t tell by now, I’m pretty much obsessed with keeping protein in my gym bag. And, it makes sense, of course, since staying filled with protein is going to keep you fuller, longer! And, it’s going to help keep away those urges to go get something sugary and sweet in between meals! One of the reasons that I love RX bars so much is their commitment to good quality ingredients. It’s so incredibly important to me to make sure that I’m not eating a lot of processed … well, junk! And RX bars keep it consistent, honest and high quality! You can buy them in bulk online on Amazon and there are so many different flavors. I’m currently loving the chocolate coffee right now for the extra ping of caffeine, but I’m a huge fan of the maple sea salt and peanut butter! They’ve also recently come out with a line of nut butters that I’m dying to try. (And, yes, if you know me, I keep single serving packets of Justin’s almond butter in my bag as well!)

Health Lab Almond Protein Ball - 12 ct - $16

Okay, so this is a new addition to the things that you’ll find in my bag, but I have to say, I’m literally obsessed with these protein balls. For starters, they’re full of clean ingredients! The sweetness in this ball comes from the mixture of dates and coconut, but it’s got a nice little pop of protein! They’re the perfect snacking size, too, at about 200 calories. They come in a variety of flavors (I’ve got my eyes on the matcha one next!) but I’m loving the coconut almond right now. And, even better, they’re incredibly affordable, too. I love me some RX bars, but man, they get expensive! These little guys are about $1/each, but at last check, I saw that there was a $2 off coupon on Amazon! Delicious, good for you, and freakin’ affordable. What more could you ask for?

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