New Year - New You? But Why?

Every year, like clockwork, I always find myself slammed at the beginning of the new year. Why, you ask? Well, each year I’m inundated by new clients looking to start a “New Year, New Me” mentality. This is great! I’m always excited whenever I meet with a new client because I want to help them reach their goals, regardless of what that might be. For many, I’m not just a trainer, but I’m a motivator, friend, counselor, and even sometimes a therapist (I fall heavily on the “Client/Trainer Confidentiality” clause).

Sometimes, working out - or getting “fit” - is as much mental as it is physical. And, I always try to encourage clients to think about why they want to get fit, just as much as how they want to do it. Ultimately, working out, much like diets, come down to the why. If you don’t want to do it, you won’t stick with it. So, my question to you is: Why wait until the new year?

New Year - New You, but Why?

Don’t make comparisons.

New Year - New You, but Why?

It’s so hard. I know. I was having a conversation with a client today about beach bodies. Everyone wants to look good for the beach (this conversation includes me as well), but why exactly? Insert my favorite meme of the moment.

Let’s think about this for a moment. The beach is gonna get whatever body I give it! You could take this powerful (albeit kitty-larious!) statement a variety of different ways. First off, the beach doesn’t care what you look like. Take that even farther out of context. The beach, an inanimate object, doesn’t even know what you look like. Furthermore, when you look back on the memories that you create on that beach - in that particular moment - are you going to remember what you looked like? No. Will you remember how you felt? Absolutely!

Feeling good is so deeply a factor in looking good. Which, of course, brings me to my second point. Somewhere, deep down in our brain, we are hardwired to never quite see ourselves how others see us. If you looked in the mirror, what would you say about yourself? Would you look at your body and point out things that you like first? Or would you immediately become self-conscious and point out the imperfections? If someone was standing there with you, would they see your imperfections, too? Or would they pick something about your body that they wish they had?

Ultimately, and rather unfortunately, we never see ourselves the way that others see us. And that’s a cold hard shame. But, it comes from a life of comparisons. We look at each other and think that each person somehow has it better than us. I look at bloggers that I follow on Instagram, at their seemingly perfect photos, and wonder why that isn’t my life. But, that’s not really anyone’s life. It’s a highlight reel of the best parts - of the things that you want people to see.

We can’t constantly be looking to other people for what we want to be. That answer needs to come from within or we will never be truly happy.


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Why wait? start now.

Another big question I have for potential clients (or any readers of the blog!) is : why the new year? If you’re truly looking to make a change in your life, you can start at any moment. You don’t have to wait until the new year to change your diet. You don’t have to put off until tomorrow something that you could start today. Saying that you’ll start at the new year (or tomorrow) is just pushing off your own desires and saying that it isn’t worthing of starting today. Pushing off your own timeline is saying that your goals aren’t important. And we all know that that isn’t true.

If you want to change, you need to start today.

New Year - New You, but Why?

Ask yourself - Why Do You Want This?

I want everyone to be successful. I really do. Even though, ultimately this means I might be out of a job, I want everyone to feel as though they are reaching their goals. But I want you to be able to honestly answer one simple question: Why do you want this? If your answer is because of comparison, I want you to go home and think about it again and come back to me. We all want to look good, sure. But is looking good naked a good enough reason to keep up with your new routine? Or, is it something deeper? Do you want to feel strong? Empowered? Confident? Looking great is good, but feeling great is even better.


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New Year, New You, But Why?

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