Save & Splurge: New Year's Eve & Holiday Dress Inspiration Without Spending $$$


One of my favorite places to start looking for holiday dresses is at Lulu’s! It’s an amazing clothing site, but often overlooked! I’ve got some really amazing dresses from them for different events - it really just depends on what you’re looking for you! The best part is that many of these dresses are under $100 - and the shipping is quick and free! They are also really good about free returns - you don’t have to pay for any return shipping labels as long as they are postmarked within 10 days of delivery! That’s a big plus for me since I like to buy multiple dresses and decide in the comfort of my own home! They’re also very quick to refund you on the return - it doesn’t take forever to get back to them and get your money credited back! I’m loving all the holiday sequins and velvet for this year’s season and ordered several of these dresses for myself!

You can also use my code “Take15” to get 15% off any purchase (+ free shipping!) of $150+!

Nasty Gal

Don’t let the name fool ya, this is another one of my go-to holiday dress picks! Nasty gal is very frequently 50% off EVERYTHING so even some of these dresses that are marked at $80 will be half that! The shipping isn’t usually free (the only bummer!) and it does tend to take a bit (as do returns sometimes), but the returns are FREE, so I suppose that makes up for it! But, again, honestly, everything that I’ve gotten from them is usually very high quality (on par with Lulu’s!) and it’s usually very affordable. Because there are some foreign sizes, I tend to order slightly larger than I would normally, but I’ve never had any issue with their sizing being wildly off. I’ve linked some of my favorite dresses from Nasty Gal below!

Revolve Clothing

When I can’t decide if I want to spend some money or not, I tend to go straight to Revolve’s website! They always have a great variety of dresses in a wide range of different prices. I love that they categorize their dresses by price and their Dresses Under $100 have some seriously drool-worthy holiday dresses. The only thing that I would warn you is that sizes tend to sell out quickly and they might not get restocked until after the holiday season. Free shipping and free returns!


If you’re looking to splurge this holiday season, or you have a big event that you need a fancier dress for, I can’t recommend Shopbop enough! This is definitely the highest end retailer on the list, but you’re getting your money worth! It’s also a good “last-minute” option because they have the fastest shipping around AND it’s free Two-Day shipping through Amazon Prime if you’re a member. Pretty much the best deal ever if you ask me and definitely something to keep in mind if you’re in desperate need of a nice dress at the last minute! They also have some killer yearly sales, so it’s good to get on their mailing list, too!

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