Nordstrom's Anniversary Early Access Picks!

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So, I didn't figure that I was going to post about the Nordstrom sale this year since I'm new to the art of blogging, but then I went on the site and basically bought everything in sight because the fitness apparel is just... too good. There are some serious deals here, holy cow. 

So, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is awesome - but more than just awesome is that it's a sale of all things that are new for the upcoming season, which means this isn't a sale full of last year's stuff or leftover summer items. It starts today for cardmembers - admittedly, I am one and therefore spend too much money - but if you are not a cardmember, the real sale starts July 20. You could also sign up for a credit card here or use this as a sneak peek. You don't even have to carry a balance - just use it to get to the exclusive sale & pay it off immediately. But be warned, things sell out soooo quickly. 

Regardless, I rounded up some of my favorite leggings and sports bras from the sale and I'll post them all right here! 

1. Thread & Supply Wubby Pullover - it's literally called a Wubby. It was one of the sweatshirts I wished I would have bought last year when I was looking for something cozy to curl into. I know that it's summer now in Austin but it's going to be so cozy and comfortable to snuggle with when the weather changes. 

2. New Balance Determination Top - I've been extra into the high necked sports bras this season and this is one of my favorite running bras. If you want to feel strapped down, this is definitely the bra to do it in. I had to size up because it does run pretty small but New Balance stuff is seriously built to last and it's less than $50!! 

3 & 4 - Adidas Yoga Crop Top & All Me VFA Sports Bra - Adidas gets a lot of love from me because, well, they're some of the best in the business when it comes to making sports bras. This stuff lasts and seriously, look at it. The back on the All Me bra is amazing. I haven't personally tried this variation of Adidas' bras before, but it was also one of the things I ordered immediately in this sale, so I'm excited to try it out. It's low-support (unlike the NB ones!) but for someone with a smaller chest, I find that I can get away with it. If not, it's going to be perfect for barre.

5 & 6. - Zella Live In High Waist Leggings & Sun Salutation High Waist Leggings - I've been amassing a stockpile of leggings now that I've been making barre a consistent habit and these are on SUPER SALE right now, they're under $50! Zella makes great leggings and the cutest designs - I love it! 

7. Zella Taryn Melange Jogger Pants - Another Zella love post from me, but some super cute grey joggers! I've been living in my Outdoor Voices Cloudknit joggers (no, seriously, living in them) since I got them, but these are ones that are going on serious rotation. 

8. Steve Madden Lancer Sneaker - I like heels, but I like sneakers more. Any time I can have a pair of casual shoes to go with my jeans, I make a point to do so. These are such a cute athleisure casual slip on option and again, super sale right now - under $50. Bought them, can't wait to get them. 

9. Adidas Edge Lux Clima Running Shoe - Please see above statement about finding shoes that are adorable and I can wear in a casual setting. I'm not sure that I would run in these (that's what Boston Boosts are for!) but these are such a cute option with jeans or a pair of shorts. 

Here's some more sale options : 

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