Wardrobe Packing for Europe in the Fall/Winter

Packing for Europe in the Fall/Winter

Packing for any trip requires a bit of forethought. Packing for 10 days in Europe, well, that also takes some forethought. In this specific trip, we left Austin, Texas in the middle of November and headed to London, Paris, Bruges & Amsterdam. Each one of these cities has a slightly different geographical location, meaning that the temperatures varied by quite a bit! London was quite a bit warmer than Amsterdam at the same time of the year, so it’s important to keep these things in mind when packing.

Packing Checklist

Packing for Europe in the Fall/Winter

I’m a big fan of the “Lay Everything on the Floor & Look at It” method of packing. To be honest, I almost never take this much on any trip, but I also knew that I was going to be shooting lots of pictures for the blog, so I wanted to take advantage of the full space of my checked bag. I do want to be honest, though. I definitely brought things that I did not need, so scroll down to see the items I brought that didn’t get worn.

The average temperature in all the countries that we visited on this trip was 39 degrees Fahrenheit. London was closer to the high 40s, with Amsterdam by the sea being the coolest at 39 degrees. I’ll attach my packing list below for those interested, but to me, the most important thing was making sure I stayed warm. Everything that you see in the picture above made it into the bag, organized ever so neatly below.

Throughout the course of the trip, I found that in the cooler temperatures, I reached for chunkier, heavy knit sweaters first! These were definitely key in my trip, as well as a variety of layering pieces, such as: spaghetti strap tanks, loose tees, & bralettes.

The wide majority of the city streets that we were on were cobblestone (especially in Amsterdam!), so I made sure to bring very comfortable shoes. I brought an extra pair of shoes in this case, as well, since I was a bit worried about forecasted rain (especially in London). However, on this trip, rain was never an issue!

Packing for Europe in the Fall/Winter
Packing for Europe in the Fall/Winter

Since warmth was my main goal, I brought a variety of coats, mostly since I couldn’t decide on what would be enough! By far, I got the most use out of my J. Crew peacoat, and it was more than warm enough for the Amsterdam temps! Definitely one of my favorite fall purchases! I did bring two other coats, as well, as a variety of options. Again, because I was fearing rain, I brought a faux leather vegan jacket as well as a suede alternative.

You might have noticed from the above pictures that I packed a lot of snacks. I definitely got a bit of grief from friends for bringing my “American snacks” along, but if you’re like me and used to eating early dinners, this was a necessity! I’m a big fan of Trader Joe’s, so you’ll see a lot of their goods here.

Packing List:

Packing for Europe in the Fall/Winter


Tops & Tees:







  • Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Pretzels

  • Trader Joe’s Soft Dried Mango

  • Peanut Butter Puffins

  • Trader Joe’s Dried Fruit Bars (Apple & Strawberry)

  • Trader Joe’s Turkey Jerky

What I wish I didn’t pack

So, it goes without saying that I took a bunch of extra things that I ended up not using. If I had to do it all over again, I would keep my jackets limited to two. I really was surprised how much cooler the temperature felt in Amsterdam versus Paris, even though it was technically the same. I would suggest one heavy (like the J. Crew parka) and a lighter jacket. I also brought a variety of skirts, which I felt was going to be cute, but ultimately, it was just too cold to walk around in.

I also personally did not get to as much running as I had planned (sad, I know!), so much of the running gear that I packed didn’t get used. Even so, I think I only would have needed 1 long sleeve and one pair of running tights since I kept all my runs short and easy.

What I Wouldn’t have lived without

I definitely lived in cozy sweaters, boots and jeans while I was abroad. Hands down the best things that I brought were my beanies and my scarfs, since the little additions helped keep me warm. Color coordinating everything together, I was able to reduce any additional excess there since camel and black matched everything.

  • Two pair of jeans were the perfect amount of bottoms to alternate between and I had a pair of leggings for traveling comfort.

  • Flat shoes above all else. My OTK boots have a heel, but because it’s a thicker one, it’s incredibly easy to walk around in. So many of the streets are cobblestone and you’ll want comfy shoes!

  • Layering pieces - I always had a cami and a bralette on. It adds a bit of warmth without bulk in your suitcase.

  • American snacks! For the plane, as well as between meals. If you’re used to eating early (like I am!) you’ll want something to stave off hunger until a 8 or 9pm dinner.

  • My packing cubes - it helped prevent me from getting all of my clothes dirty. I also packed for each country so I was able to just open the clothes I was planning on wearing without emptying my entire suitcase.


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Wardrobe Packing for Europe in the Fall/Winter