The Search for Aluminum-Free Deodorants - My Amazon Experience

So, in the process of writing this blog post, so many of you have come up to me and have mentioned that ya’ll have seen my stories regarding my struggle with finding a good natural deodorant. When I first started this plan, I wasn’t sure where it would take me, but I had been reading a few different journals discussing the relationship between the aluminum in major brand deodorants and increasing breast cancer rates in women.

I had been using the same Dove or Secret deodorant since before I can remember so I didn’t really necessarily know “why” I was using one over the other. It worked, I’d been using it forever, so I never felt the need to switch. Some of this new research is concerning, however, so since I was pretty open to trying something new, I figured it was time.

In terms of my “scientific research,” there are a thousand errors in my study. Ultimately, there’s no control, there’s a variety of uncontrollable variables, etc. So, I would take this all with a grain of salt. However, I think that the main consensus is that some worked better than others and here’s my findings as to why.

I started off my initial search by going on Amazon, sorting by highest rated, and I took the top 3. I was also interested in finding brands that were not the most popular (Native) or the well-known brands (Toms). They were also all available on Amazon so it meant that anyone could easily order and have it shipped to them in two days.

Note: I also want to make it clear that this post is 100% unsponsored. I bought all of these deodorants myself.

The Search for Aluminum Free Deodorants

I randomly chose this deodorant to start. I got a variety of scents (sorry, no control here), and chose Vanilla Clementine. The stick smells like oranges upon first impression, but I did notice that as I sweat, I smelled more vanilla. Just an interesting observation. Since this was the first deodorant that I used, I was aware of the “detox” that often comes with natural deodorants. I was a little wet underneath the arms and posted about this phenomenon on Instagram and I was impressed that the company actually reached out to me to give me some information. 

This wetness underneath the arms is part of the detox that comes from the aluminum and they stated that the more you sweat, the quicker you would detox. They were right. After about two days of use, I was never wet again and this was true for all of the deodorants.

I enjoyed the smell of the deodorant, but it wasn’t my favorite (personal preference). This brand, however, was the only one that I noticed I had no smell with. Ever. Hands down the best in terms of smell control and odor reduction. 

The stick was hard to get on at first, but did not chunk, cake, or feel greasy. Good coverage. 


  • Good, clean smell

  • No odor!

  • No stickiness

  • The BEST customer service from brand

  • Cheapest!


  • A bit of wetness (from the “detox”)

  • Slightly hard to apply since the stick is very hard.

Kopari - $14

The second deodorant was Kopari, in an unscented version. The deodorant is a bit different because it has a roller ball style, which I was excited about from the previous deodorant. That’s about where all the positives end. 

I’m hesitant to say anything negative about a brand, but it just…was not good. There was no odor blocking. In fact, if it’s possible, I think it made it worse. The deodorant was also incredibly greasy, so it felt slimy underneath my armpits. I didn’t have the wetness that I experienced with the first deodorant, but it’s likely that the “detox” had run it’s course.

I smelled so bad after two days that I gave up on the Kopari brand. I (likely) should have went the whole week, but after having a first week with a deodorant that blocked odor (and smelled good!) I figured this was a brand issue and I was about done with it. It was bad enough that I requested a refund of my $14 from Amazon. Sorry, not sorry.


  • Roller-ball style application and easy to put on


  • No odor blocking. In fact, might have made smell worse.

  • Felt incredibly greasy

  • Had the most “artificial” and chemical ingredients of all deodorants purchased.

Underarmed - $16

The last deodorant that I ordered was Underarmed. I got a Lavender/Sage blend and it was hands down my favorite smell. (Note: As I was writing this post, it seems that that specific scent combination is now “Unscented” on Amazon. I hope they didn’t change the formulation; I really liked the smell!) It just had a great aroma to it and it lingers throughout the day with you. Much like the first deodorant, it was a stick applicator that was a bit hard to apply. This specific deodorant also says to apply in thin layers and I saw why pretty immediately. The odor blocking is great; I definitely didn’t notice any smells like #2. But, the very first time I wore it, I applied it fairly liberally. This was a terrible idea and I had greasy pits for an entire day. They’re not joking when they say a little bit goes a long way!


  • Great smell

  • Good odor blocking

  • No wetness

  • No greasiness when applied lightly 


  • Greasy when over applied 

  • Most expensive ($16) 

Note: I didn’t try some of the more “mainstream” natural deodorants because I was interested in looking up slightly smaller companies and, as such, was able to find one that had great customer service (Explore Naturals!). But, I’m also open to trying or receiving any other recommendations that you might have for natural deodorants! There are so many choices, it’s easy to miss some! Leave them below! 

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