The Surprising Benefits of Adding Rosewater to Your Wellness Routine

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There are fads and then there are institutions. With the ever-changing beauty market, it’s easy to forget that, sometimes, simple is best. Rosewater has been used in beauty regimens since Ancient Egypt, when it’s been rumored that Cleopatra herself took baths of the fragrant water. It’s also been used in weddings to ensure a happy marriage and aided in meditation and prayer. But did you know that rosewater is a wellness juggernaut when it comes to its skin-healing and mind-clearing abilities?

Your skin will thank you

Rosewater has numerous skin benefits, including its ability to hydrate and nourish the skin. As the largest organ in our body, our skin is constantly acting as a barrier to harmful UV rays, pollution and stress. The antioxidant properties in rosewater help prevent the damage caused by free radicals and also help to strengthen and regenerate skin cells.

Rosewater also possesses anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it’s the perfect compliment for sensitive skin or anyone who suffers from eczema or rosacea. Rosewater’s naturally low pH also helps reset skin’s natural balance, especially when most skincare products have a pH of 6.0 to 7.5. This allows rosewater to soothe the skin and reduce redness, as well as controlling excess oil.

If you’re looking for a natural acne treatment, rosewater also posses astringent-like and anti-microbial properties. This makes it a perfect cleanser to aid in removing dirt and oil from clogged pores.

Use: Use rosewater as a facial mist to hydrate skin or apply to a cotton pad as a cleanser or toner.

Helps Reduce Anxiety

Has anyone ever told you to ‘stop and smell the roses?’ Well, that’s because in a recent study, the inhalation of rosewater has been shown to help reduce anxiety. In fact, rosewater helps to lower the amount of cortisol (your ‘fight-or-flight’ stress hormone) in the body. One study from Iran shows that adding rosewater to a foot bath during labor significantly reduced stress and anxiety.

Use: Use rosewater as a room spray or add to a bath for an extra addition of zen.

The Surprising Benefits of Adding Rosewater to Your Wellness Routine

Get Better ZZZs

We’ve talked about the benefits of a nighttime routine before on the blog, but have you considered adding rosewater to your pre-sleep ritual? Our olfactory nerve (responsible for our sense of smell) connects to the amygdala and limbic system. This mood and emotion-controlling part of our brain is said to be relaxed by scents such as rose. This study also suggests that R. damascene may even have a hypnotic effect on the central nervous system.

Use: Spritz rosewater on your pillow or add it to your diffuser before bedtime.

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The Surprising Benefits of Adding Rosewater to Your Wellness Routine

Which rosewater products are right for you?

Heritage Store was established in 1969 and has been combining pure ingredients to create effective self-care products for your skin and soul ever since. Heritage Store believes that beauty is ‘self-confidence emanating from the connection of mind, body and spirit’ and have focused on creating a line of no-fuss, high-quality natural beauty products.

Any of these clean rosewater products can be used anytime for a pick-me-up refresh.

The Surprising Benefits of Adding Rosewater to Your Wellness Routine

Rosewater & Glycerin Spray

Contains: Pure rose oil, vegetable glycerin and Vor-MagTm Water

This simple multi-use spray is perfect for: a dose of skin hydration, as a setting spray after makeup, or before bed for a relaxing calm.

The Surprising Benefits of Adding Rosewater to Your Wellness Routine


Contains: Rose Hydroessential Oil & Water

This no-fuss beauty product’s light scent makes it the perfect for: adding to a relaxing bath or a mid-day uplifting spritz.

The Surprising Benefits of Adding Rosewater to Your Wellness Routine

Rosewater Facial Toner

This oil-free formula helps to gently remove dirt and debris to give your skin a natural and healthy glow. This toner is specifically formulated to refresh skin, by combating dryness, cleansing pores, and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Use this invigorating toner by: adding a small amount onto a soft cotton pad and applying to face as needed. This makes the perfect first step for makeup, moisturizer, or sunscreen.

Heritage Store Products are available at natural health food stores (Whole Foods, Sprouts, Lucky’s, Fresh Thyme, Natural Grocers, local co-ops), as well as Target, Ulta and Urban Outfitters.

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The Surprising Benefits to Adding Rosewater to Your Wellness Routine