Thinking Outside the Gift Box: Subscription Services as Gift Ideas

Every year for Christmas, I always struggle with what to get friends and relatives who I feel have everything. Especially guys - who I feel are the hardest to get gifts for. That’s why, sometimes, I like to think outside of the box when it comes to some gift giving!

One of my favorite items to get or give are subscriptions to items that I absolutely love!

Butcher Box subscription service

Butcher Box

A few months back, Paul and I got a box of meat from Butcher Box and loved it. Butcher Box is a great option for someone who is looking humanely raised, grass-fed beef and pork, and free-range chicken. You simply order online and the box is sealed, frozen and shipped to your house!

The boxes come in a variety of options and sizes. You can choose a combo box (this is what we did) that has a variety of chicken, beef and pork or Beef & Chicken or Beef & Pork. There’s also an option for a Beef-only box or a fully customizable, ala carte box!

Butcher Box subscription service

The boxes come in two sizes: 24 meals (9-14 pounds - $129) or 48 meals (18-26 pounds - $238), deliverable every 30 or 60 days. The box that Paul and I got was the 24-meal box and it was a ton of food (you can see my video in my Instagram story highlights here!). If you want, there’s also the option to add-on additional ala carte items, such as bacon, burgers or sausage.

All of the meat was incredibly flavorful and great quality and it’s a huge bonus knowing that it was humanely raised and harvested. If you don’t have a local farmer’s market close by that you can get locally sourced meats, this is an even better option!

There’s usually some very good promos going on for Butcher Box, but right now, for the holiday Cyber Monday weekend they’re offering FREE bacon for life! And bonus, if you use my link you get an extra $10 off your first box + free shipping for life! You’re welcome guys!

And, yes, before you ask, there is NO commitment to stay with the subscription, which means that you could cancel after your first order and you’re not stuck getting six months of shipment. Plus, you get free bacon, so it’s really a win/win!

Smoothie Box Subscription

Smoothie Box

Now that we’ve gotten the guys out of the way, here’s a deal for the ladies (or the guys, too!). Smoothie Box works much in the same way as Butcher Box, but you get a monthly delivery of 20 smoothies. I’ve done a few smoothie subscription services, from Daily Harvest, as well as Project Juice, and Smoothie Box is one of my favorites. Here’s why: each smoothie comes in two parts, one that is collagen protein and the smoothie mix in the other. I’ve loved some of the other delivery services that I’ve used, but I’ve always found that I’ve had to add extra things to it to make it have the same nutritional punch. I’ve raved a bunch about my love of Vital Proteins collagen peptides (“My Love Affair with Vital Proteins”) before, so it’s no wonder that I like these smoothies.

You can choose which flavors of smoothies that you want in your subscription box and each one is full of natural, organic ingredients (no fake additives, chemicals or weird ingredients). And, with the addition of the collagen, each smoothie packs a whopping 25 grams of protein in each one!

In each box, you get 20 smoothies. Even better, these come pre-packed in bags that can easily go into your freezer without taking up a ton of space. That might be one of my favorite features, too, since prepackaged smoothies take up so much space!!

Right now, you can sign up with the code 20CYBER2018 and get $44 off the cost ($22 off your first 2 boxes) of your subscription. That’s a seriously awesome deal and makes the price only $5/smoothie. If you factor in the cost of a smoothie like this at Juiceland or Whole Foods, you’re easily saving money and you don’t have to buy a tub of protein to add to it!

And, just like Butcher Box, you can cancel at any time, so you’re not stuck with months of smoothies!

smoothie box subscription smoothies.

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