3 Reasons You Should Wear the Swimsuit

By Jessie Barnes

Happy summer!  It’s the season of summer fun, trips to the beach, and cocktails poolside.  It’s also the season of swimsuits and bikinis and a lot more exposed skin. Surrounded by ads with gorgeous models kicking back in the sun, when we then look at ourselves in the mirror, sometimes all we see is the chasm between the two images. Our self-perceived flaws stand out in stark contrast with nowhere to hide once the long sleeves and jeans give way to body-baring swimsuits. It would be easy--so easy--to sit out trips to the lake and seek safety in the indoors instead.  You’re still allowed to do that, but I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to. I’m here to tell you that you can wear that swimsuit and feel confident.

I have no suggestions for your diet or cardio routine or skin treatments promising to smooth cellulite. The poolside fun can be yours and you don’t have to change a single thing about how you look to do it.

It all comes down to you to trying one thing: choose to set your insecurity aside. You don’t have to do it forever.  It likely won’t be a life changing experience overnight. But will you give it a try just once?

“See how it feels to straight up say “no” to insecurity and

start practicing how it feels to be comfortable in your skin.”

We give so much power to our insecurity but we don’t have to. There is freedom to be found and it is well within your reach.

Here are three reasons you should set your insecurity aside this summer and wear the swimsuit anyway.

Photo courtesy of  Jessie Barnes

Photo courtesy of Jessie Barnes

Life is short

Or long.  Either way you look at it, don’t waste time holding yourself back. Life is literally about the experiences we have. That is the point.  Sometimes those life experiences are really hard, so when you have the chance to do something fun like jump in a pool or bask in the sun, do it. Let yourself fully experience the time with friends or family.  Take the opportunity for what it’s worth and soak it up! I would much rather look back on my life and remember the times I let myself have fun than the times I told myself an experience was not accessible to me simply because of how I looked.

Break it down

What is really holding you back?  Is it what others think of how you look?  Let’s break that down, too. Are you worried about what people you know think about you? Good news!  They know you and know that there is more to you than the shape of your thighs or the topography of your stretch marks.  If they are worth having in your life, they will see beyond your exterior. So start to let fear of their judgment go. For those that don’t know you? They have no meaningful role in your life. Their opinion of you should not impact you in any serious way.  Stop putting energy into imagining their thoughts and let them go.

You are a role model

I mean it.  You may not feel like one or have the kind of platform that you expect a role model to have.  But there are people in your life looking to you for guidance. You don’t have to have it all figured out to lead by example. When you step into yourself fully, letting yourself truly live instead of hide, people will take notice and you will inspire them.  And you may just inspire yourself along the way. Don’t forget that.

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3 Reasons You Should Wear the Swimsuit

Jessie Barnes

Jessie Barnes is a body image advocate, runner, and co-leader of #sportsbrasquadatx. You can contact Jessie at jessie@thejessiest.com.

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