We Tried It: The 4 Best Aluminum-Free Deodorants

After our first foray into the aluminum-free deodorant world via Amazon (read more: The Search for Aluminum-Free Deodorant), the Swift office was…well, bombarded with care packages from companies offering us free deodorant samples. Now, while all of this is great, it left us with one thing: lots of deodorant on our hands (or in our pits).

Even so, our pits persevered and we’ve rounded up the best deodorants that have come through our door.

Photo courtesy of  Native

Photo courtesy of Native


One of the first deodorants to come across our desk, Native, swears that “the internet loves it.” And they’re not wrong. Native easily has one of the largest reaches in the natural deodorant realm and we were pleasantly surprised with the variety of scents (charcoal, yum!). Odor blocking was spot-on (although one reviewer suggested needing to apply twice per day) and deodorant applied easily. Subscribe and save is an added bonus and allows wearers to save 17%. However, under high heat/perspiration, Native tended to leave white streaks down our users’ arms (in certain scents).

Pros: Affordable ($12), available commercially (Target!), great variety of scents, subscribe and save option ($10).

Cons: White perspiration streaks, contains baking soda (which may irritate some users)

Available at Target or Nativecos.com

Photo courtesy of  Type: A Deodorant

Photo courtesy of Type: A Deodorant

Type: A

Type: A has gotten quite a bit of publicity lately, being featured on the Today Show, as well as Goop. This cream deodorant promises a sweat-activated technology that is gentle on both skin and clothes. While the scents were extremely pleasant (dare we say, our favorite!), we would recommend this deodorant for individuals who are not prone to heavy sweating. The cream applicator takes a bit of getting used to and, in this case, less is definitely more.

Pros: Affordable ($10), no white streaks, great scents, free returns (no questions asked!), 2.8oz is perfect for travel

Cons: Easy to apply too much, did not hold up to heavy sweating

Available at Typeadeodorant.com or Amazon

Photo courtesy of  Explore Naturals

Photo courtesy of Explore Naturals

Explore Naturals

If you’re looking to support a woman-centric business based out of Austin, Texas that also makes a pretty dang good deodorant, that’s Explore Naturals. This is a holdover from our original deodorant post, but with new formulas added, it’s time for an update. For those with sensitive skin, Explore Naturals has a line of baking soda free. The original line is also affordable, smells clean, and is free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, dairy, gluten, soy and animal testing. Phew.

Pros: Affordable (3-pack $25), some scents are baking-soda free, Certified B-Corporation, small woman-centric business

Cons: May require re-application

Available on Amazon or Explorenaturals.com

Photo courtesy of  Primally Pure

Photo courtesy of Primally Pure

Primally Pure

One dark horse that rose to the top of the proverbial deodorant pile is Primally Pure’s entry into the aluminum-free realm. With a wide variety of cool, unisex scents, this line provides exceedingly good odor and wetness protection, an easy-to-use rollerball applicator, and a sensitive formula for those prone to underarm irritation. However, a slightly higher price point and shipping costs may not make it cost-effective for some.

Pros: Best odor blocking protection, roller ball applicator, no white streaks, non-nano zinc oxide + tallow soothes irritation for sensitive skin,

Cons: Only available through the website, expensive ($16), free shipping only over $100 or with subscription ($5 shipping charge)

Only available through primallypure.com, use code ‘SWIFT’ for 10% off

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