We Tried It: The Casper Pillow

We’re big fans of sleep around here. Is it any surprise why? The average human spends 8 hours in bed per day. If you lived to be 75, that’s approximately 25 years asleep. That’s 9,125 days! Most would agree that their bed is the most used piece of furniture in their home. So it’s no wonder why people are looking for high-quality bedding to increase their sleep quality.

Enter this pillow from Casper Mattress Company. Billed as an option for all sleep types, this specific pillow features a pillow-in-pillow inception design that is both machine washable and resistant to clumping. Be still my heart. Add on top the promise that it stays cool? We couldn’t wait to try it.

We Tried It: Casper Pillow

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Why is this pillow different?

This pillow-in-pillow design is meant to provide both support for side and combination sleeps, as well as malleability for back sleepers. In short, a pillow for everyone. The outer pillow is a soft fill that feels almost like a down feather pillow, while the inner pillow makes for a slightly firmer core. As a bonus for adjustability, you can sleep with both pillows or remove the inner core.

The outer shell of the pillow is made from percale weave, which is an incredible breathable material, meant to give you the “cool side of the pillow” feel.

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Is it for you?

One of the best parts of this pillow is how malleable it is. If you’re a side sleeper, being able to bunch up the pillow underneath your head for proper alignment is key. For those that are back and stomach sleepers, the dual pillow design allows you to adjust to the proper thickness.

The pillow does truly stay cool and fluffs right back up when you roll over. (Although, we will note that sometimes it does occasionally need to be fluffed before bed.) As someone who enjoys a fluffier pillow, this is the perfect combination of a feather down style, with the firmness of a heavier pillow. Plus, the pillow come with a 100-night sleep guarantee so it’s essentially a win-win.

The only negative is the price point, as this pillow is a big spendier than the traditional pillow. But, if you’re spending 9,125 days in bed, isn’t it worth it?

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We Tried It: Casper Pillow

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