Weekly Workout - 15 Min Core Burn

The last workout was a big hit so we’re back this time with a fan favorite. If you’re looking for additional core workouts (most in the 30 minute range), check out my Core Workout highlights on my Instagram. They’ll always be simple, easy to do, and travel friendly, but as we get a little more advanced with it, I’ll start giving ya’ll some videos, too!

Pro tip: At the very bottom of the page is a category tab - I’ve created an entire category of Weekly Workouts, so you can always search through them when you’re feeling the need for a little inspiration.

The important thing is that we get to have a little bit of fun with it! All of these workouts were designed with busy people in mind or those who travel frequently. If you don’t have equipment, you don’t have to worry! All of this can be done without any equipment.

The goal of this one is to keep your weight directly above your wrists, & focus on keeping your core engaged! Imagine that you’re pulling your belly button into your spine during the entirety of the plank sequence.

15 Minute Core Burn


If you would like to make this workout more challenging, you can use a mini band, placed above your knees for the entirety of the workout. They come in a variety of sizes and strengths, so feel free to try different levels of difficulty!! Make sure to keep tension in the band but keeping your legs slightly outside the hips.

Increase the difficulty!

Looking to make it even more challenging? Consider changing the pushup mountain climber into a “Spiderman” pushup - as you bring the right knee to the right elbow, perform a pushup at the same time, so that you hover just above the ground.

Need a modification?

All exercises can be done without any equipment. If staying in an extended hand plank is too much pressure on your wrists, you can always come down to your forearms, or perform any of the plank sequence against a wall. If angled on a wall, change plank reach backs into opposite elbow to knee.

If you cannot be on your hands or shoulders due to injury, you can always switch to your back and do all of these exercises. To make it more challenging, grab a set of dumbbells and add them in to the movements by weighting your sit-up.

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Weekly Core Workout

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