Weekly Workout - 15 Min Glute Burn

Okay, I love a good brainstorming session, so I have to hand it to my followers when they very loudly proclaim what they want! So, that being said, I’m going to start including some weekly workouts that you can put on Pinterest or save for later. I know that a lot of you love my Core Workout highlights on my Instagram, so I’m happy to continue to give you these workouts each week! They’ll always be simple, easy to do, and travel friendly, but as we get a little more advanced with it, I’ll stand giving ya’ll some videos, too!

Pro tip: At the very bottom of the page is a category tab - I’ve created an entire category of Weekly Workouts, so you can always search through them when you’re feeling the need for a little inspiration.

The important thing is that we get to have a little bit of fun with it! All of these workouts were designed with busy people in mind or those who travel frequently. If you don’t have equipment, you don’t have to worry! All of this can be done without any equipment.

The goal of this one is to move quickly, but focus on keeping your core engaged! Activate your abs by pulling them tight to your spine (Imagine someone is going to punch you, but you’re ready for it!) and you put the emphasis on your butt! Right where we’re trying to work!

15 Minute Glute Burn



If you would like to make this workout more challenging, you can use a mini band, placed above your knees for the entirety of the workout. They come in a variety of sizes and strengths, so feel free to try different levels of difficulty!!

Increase the difficulty!

Looking to make it even more challenging? Try adding weights to the jumping lunge and squat holds. You can hold one kettle bell (in front of your chest) or you could use two dumb bells! The heavier that you use, the more challenging that it would be!

Need a modification?

All exercises can be done without any equipment. But if you need, you can take out the “jumping” from the lunge, by simply stepping forward (or back!). This is a great option for those with sensitive knees or do not want to jump!

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