Weekly Workout - 20 Min Arms & Shoulders

Hey guys! Today we’re sharing a fun, quick hitting way to get in a solid arm workout when you’re on to go. This one does require a bit of equipment (so sorry I’m deviating from the norm here), so grab a light set of dumbbells or kettle bells.

Pro tip: At the very bottom of the page is a category tab - I’ve created an entire category of Weekly Workouts, so you can always search through them when you’re feeling the need for a little inspiration.

The important thing is that we get to have a little bit of fun with it! All of these workouts were designed with busy people in mind or those who travel frequently.

The goal of this one is to keep your focus on your arms. Hold your core in tight so your back cannot arch and focus on keeping the range of motion as small as possible.

20 Minute Arms & Shoulders

Increase the difficulty!

Looking to make it even more challenging? Increase the weight or hold the movement at the very top for a one second hold. This isometric hold challenges your muscles in different ways than simply curling and pressing.

Need a modification?

Absolutely no equipment? Consider trying this Upper Body Workout with NO equipment!

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Weekly Workout Arms & Shoulders

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