Why Drunk Elephant is My Go-To Skincare Line

Why Drunk Elephant Is My Go-To Skincare Line

Ya’ll know that I’m very passionate about keeping skincare free of chemicals, additives, and extra crap. I’m a huge fan of Beautycounter for their transparency with their products, but I understand sometimes people want to go into the store and buy something (and we don’t have a storefront in Austin!). So, that’s where Drunk Elephant comes in.

Do you ever just, like, you know, really really like something and feel as though you need to tell the world? Shout it from the rooftops? Let people in on your little secret? Just me? Probably not, but okay.

That’s a bit how I feel about the entire Drunk Elephant line (and I promise that this isn’t a sponsored post, this is just my love for this line coming through. Although, HEY DRUNK ELEPHANT, I’M YO GIRL!). Not sure if that works at this point, but it can’t hurt, right?

Regardless, I don’t wear a lot of makeup from day to day. Mostly for the fact that I’m up before the sun comes up and makeup is going to sweat off my face in a matter of minutes. The same goes for those people who are able to use copious amounts of dry shampoo. I wish I could prevent sweat from soaking my hair in a matter of minutes just long enough to say I could use some dry shampoo. Such is the life of being a personal trainer…

But, because I don’t wear a lot of makeup, I do like to make sure that I’m using high end skincare lines. The way that I see it, if you’re going to make an investment, the first thing you should do is focus on something that everyone seems every day. And, you only get one face. So, you should make it a good one.

I discovered Drunk Elephant at Sephora one day, mostly because I won’t lie - I’m drawn to pretty packaging. But, the amazing thing about Drunk Elephant is that it’s full of good ingredients. And they’re big on being free of the “Suspicious 6” - a collection of sulfates, chemicals, silicones, and perfumes - that cause skin irritation or reactions.

Everything I’ve used from their line has been incredible, but, I do want to showcase some of my absolute favorites.

Disclaimer: I get a LOT of requests from skincare lines to promote their products, even some pretty big named ones. I won’t (and have not!) put anything on this blog that I don’t use personally on my own skin or face and I’m happy to say that. So, if you ever seen anything on here, or have questions, please feel free to leave a comment!

Why Drunk Elephant Is My Go-To Skincare Line

Daily Serum: C-Firma Day Serum

So, once I found this serum, there was basically no going back. The vitamin C in C-Firma is so good for your skin! It helps boost your skin’s ability to produce collagen (I wrote a whole post about the benefits of collagen in “My Love Affair with Vital Proteins”), as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and helping to prevent new ones! Thank God. Because, you know, I’m 31. Gulp. Might as well start now so I don’t have to try to fight it later. I personally think the C-Firma smells great (like oranges) and it stays put all day. It actually has a reservoir effect, which means that it can’t be washed or sweat off for 72 hours. This is perfect for me since I’m always sweating so much in workouts.

If you’re interested in a cheaper Vitamin C serum option, this is a great option from Amazon.

Why Drunk Elephant Is My Go-To Skincare Line

Daily Moisturizer: Protini Polypetide Cream

The Protini moisturizer is one of my favorites. It’s super thick, lasts forever (1 pump is all you need, so mine is 3+ months old and still going strong!), and has such a great hydrating feel to it. It is a bit thick, so I don’t use it if I’m going to go for a run in the morning (I usually use the Tula Hydrating Day & Night Cream), but it’s great for all day. I use one pump after I’ve applied whatever serum that I’m going to use that day - usually C-Firma! I also love to use it as a weekly post-facial moisturizer, because it’s so hydrating. If you’re interested in what I use for my weekly facial, you can check it out in my post “My At-Home Weekly Facial.”)

Why Drunk Elephant Is My Go-To Skincare Line

Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

I don’t use a lot of facial oils. I have pretty standard combination skin, but adding too much oil definitely can make me break out. I haven’t found this to be the case with the Marula Luxury Facial Oil. I like to mix it in with one pump of the Protini to blend into my skin. This is another product that lasts a long time. For someone like me, with normal skin, I find that I only need one drop, otherwise it’s too much for my skin. If you have dry skin, you might find that you need a bit more.

Why Drunk Elephant is My Go-To Skincare Line

P.M. treatment: TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

I think the PM treatments are the gateway drug to spending quality money on skincare. For real, though, the nighttime serums tend to be the ones that we get first. We want to go to bed looking terrible and waking up looking 10 years younger and definitely with no signs of how little sleep we’re actually getting! That’s pretty much how I feel about this serum. I’ve been hesitant to say that I have a favorite nighttime lotion/cream/serum only because I’ve tried so many. And of course, each one has it’s pros and cons. But, I think it’s time that I make a decision, so here it is: TLC Framboos is my favorite night serum. (Close runner up: Sunday Riley Good Genes)

Here’s why: TLC Framboos has a high level of the AHA/BHA blend, but it’s gentle on the skin. I’ve noticed a slight tingle at times when I’ve put it on, but it goes away quickly. It helps to get rid of dull, dry, old skin cells and leave fresh clean skin underneath. It helps prevent the pesky lines and wrinkles. But, one of the major reasons I consider it a winner: it’s not greasy (aka: doesn’t get all over my pillows), doesn’t make my skin break out, and it isn’t sticky (because then I wake up in the morning to a face full of pillow fuzz). And, of all the night serums that I’ve used, I’ve noticed the most difference the night before. It’s also the only night cream that I’ve bought again. So, I suppose that says something, too.

Like all of the skincare in the Drunk Elephant line, it goes a long ways. I think that I used about two pumps a night for a total of 4 months before I had to replace it. So, definitely consider it an investment!

If you’re still a little unsure about trying any of these, I highly suggest the Sephora Drunk Elephant collection, “The Littles,” which is a discounted combination pack of many of these picks in small travel sizes. It’s a perfect gift, but even more so, it’s a perfect option if you’re looking to try things in a smaller size without committing to the larger sizes.

If you’ve tried any of these products, leave me a comment below!

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Why Drunk Elephant is My Go-To Skincare Brand