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Swift is a wellness & lifestyle blog, focusing on all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including, but not limited to: fitness, nutrition, mental health, relationships, mindfulness, food, sustainability, & family. We are looking for quality, thoughtful, and engaging content to share with our readers. Please familiarize yourself with our content before submitting articles to make sure that you are a good fit!

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  • All content must be original to Swift or it will not be published. Posts must not appear on any other sites or be slated for distribution. Should dual publication occur, it will be removed from our site. Please see Submission & Publication Rules for more.

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  • Please attach any photos you would like to use. Please give photo credit by linking to image content.

  • All source claims must be referenced. This includes, but not limited to: credible news outlets, scholarly articles, medical research, and peer-reviewed journals. Wikipedia is not a valid source.

  • Quality content comes from writing what you know and being passionate about the topic. The best submissions are informative, useful information, such as:

    • Lists (e.g., tips or tools)

    • How-to articles/guides

    • Explainer posts (e.g., what is X & why it matters)

    • Opinion posts/commentary/think-pieces

    • Expert roundups

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