4 Ways To Be More Ethically Aware Through Everyday Living

Guest blog by Lilly Miller

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Everybody’s aware of global warming and the catastrophic consequences it can have on our environment, yet only a few have decided to do something about it, including changing the way we shop, eat and interact with others. Even if you’re not concerned about the state of our planet and what will be in the future, you can still do your part and become more diligent and caring towards Mother Earth. There are many ways to be more ethically aware, so here are ways that can help you start your journey towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle:

4 Ways To Be More Ethically Aware Through Everyday Living

Use less plastic

Plastic waste is causing immense pollution to our oceans and rivers, thus endangering all the living species that live there. Yet, the solution can be pretty simple. While we can’t make companies stop using plastic, each one of us can individually use less plastic-derived products every day. For example, instead of using plastic bags when shopping, you can bring a reusable canvas bag. Instead of using plastic water bottles, it is much better to switch to a reusable eco-friendly one. Additionally, you can quit using plastic straws and instead start using those made of stainless steel. Many often come with a small cleaning brush, which makes them easy to wash in the sink.

4 Ways To Be More Ethically Aware Through Everyday Living

Make an effort to conserve energy

Conserving energy can help you reduce your own carbon footprint and it’s usually the easiest way to become more ethically aware, as it doesn’t require you to do anything drastic to become more sustainable. Switching to LED light bulbs can help conserve energy, plus they last longer than regular bulbs, which means you won’t have to buy them as often. Similarly, you can start using your microwave more often — they use less energy than conventional ovens, and can be used to cook a lot of different food. If possible, try to switch off all your electronics when not using them — it will help you preserve energy and save on your energy bills.

4 Ways To Be More Ethically Aware Through Everyday Living

Shop responsibly

Going shopping can be a fun experience, and sadly, most of us are hooked on the feeling of carrying shopping bags straight from the store. But if you’re planning to become more sustainable, consider shopping from thrift stores or ethical brands that don’t employ harmful manufacturing practices. When it comes to buying home decor pieces, you should always focus on small brands that are handmade and manually paint their fabrics. Next time you need something elegant for your home, you can always opt for elegant coastal Hamptons cushions that are produced with care. Being a responsible shopper may mean changing some of your habits, but in return, you’ll be able to have more fun purchasing items since you’ll be required to become creative and resourceful. 

c4 Ways To Be More Ethically Aware Through Everyday Living

Buy locally

The easiest way to get what you need is to go to the nearest supermarket or shopping mall, but for those who wish to be more eco-friendly, it’s always recommended to purchase groceries that have been locally grown and produced. Shopping locally can help reduce your own carbon footprint by preventing long transportation. Also, you'll be doing your part when it comes to supporting the local economy and small businesses near you. Many small and family-owned brands are healthier to use, as they use fewer harsh ingredients that can be damaging to our health and the planet alike.

Being ethically aware is a process that takes time—never compare yourself to others. While some people may prefer to eat less meat, while others decide to go fully vegan, there are no definitive rules on how to live a truly sustainable lifestyle. Make sure to research carefully and do everything at your own pace. 


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4 Ways To Be More Ethically Aware Through Everyday Living