5 Sustainable Active Wear Brands You Need in Your Life

By Mynka Morris

As we are heading into the summer months, I’m pretty sure we are all working on our health. Beyond simply a good workout, you need reliable athletic gear. Active wear has become such a daily part of normal dress, some would refer to it as “athleisure.” But, regardless of what you call it, it’s all about wearing good quality product that you’re comfortable moving in no matter the activity.

Active wear, unfortunately, is not an easy category to produce sustainably. Many active wear pieces contains polyester, which is plastic. It can take anywhere from 20 to 200 years for polyester to breakdown. When garments containing polyester are thrown out, they just sit in landfills, creating even more textile waste.

Being a sustainable fashion advocate, I’m interested in finding ethical fashion companies that practice fair trade, responsible labor, and environmental practices. These five active wear brands are bringing us high quality product while doing everything they can to protect the environment and our planet.  

Photo Courtesy of  Girlfriend Collective FB

Photo Courtesy of Girlfriend Collective FB

Girlfriend Collective 

Girlfriend Collective, first and foremost, believes in the health and wellness of our planet. All of their products are made from old water bottles and fishing nets. Recycling this material helps reduce textile waste and water pollution, which has been devastating for our marine life. Besides being a sustainable brand, they have a beautiful message of body inclusivity. All shapes and sizes are welcome, which cannot be said for all sustainable brands. It’s refreshing to see a brand working very hard to ensure everyone is included and build a sense of community.


Based in | Seattle, Washington

Products offered | Women’s active tops, bottom, bras, and bodysuits

Price Range | $ - $$


Photo Courtesy of  Groceries Apparel FB

Photo Courtesy of Groceries Apparel FB

Groceries Apparel

Groceries Apparel only uses 100% GMO-free, pesticide & herbicide free, and fair trade recycled ingredients. Not only do they work with the purest of fabrics, but they take the time to foster strong bonds with family farms so they can trace the source of their fabric down to the seed. Their entire supply chain is highly transparent. By keeping their manufacturing in the United States, they are able to monitor all aspects of their supply chain very closely to ensure all their workers are being paid fair wages and work in safe ethical conditions.  


Based In | Los Angeles, CA

Products offered | Women’s and men’s tops, bottoms, and outerwear

Price Range | $$ - $$$

Photo courtesy of  Pact FB

Photo courtesy of Pact FB


Pact is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which is a worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers. They don’t only look at the environmental impact of a company’s supply chain, but their social impact as well. They pride themselves on being sweatshop-free and child labor-free They have the softest fabric and they are a great source for affordable leggings and under garments.


Based In | Boulder, CO

Products offered | Women’s and men’s basics

Price Range | $

Photo courtesy of  From Clothing FB

Photo courtesy of From Clothing FB

From Clothing

From Clothing is also GOTS-certified and are always looking for new ways to raise awareness, educate, and reinvent the way the fashion industry is doing business. Their message is simple: the fashion industry can be green and the industry can be kind. How are they pushing this message forward? By developing more natural fabrications for the active wear user. There isn’t a great push to create or develop new sustainable fabrics from the major players in the fashion industry and we need more brands like From Clothing to break the mold to prove that it’s possible.


Based In | United Kingdom

Product offered | Women’s active tops, bras, and bottoms

Price Range | $ - $$

Photo courtesy of  Teeki FB

Photo courtesy of Teeki FB


When I think of Teeki, I see fun, vibrant, colorful prints, and a modern design. Their mission is simple: to make fashionable high quality active wear the right way. Teeki is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which means their products are completely free from harmful chemicals and are safe for human use. Most of their fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles. As we know plastic pollution is a huge environmental problem and we have to commend these brands who are trying to breathe new life into what would be considered trash. All life is precious and this includes wildlife. Teeki is not only an advocate for sustainable fashion, but a sustainable planet for all.


Based In | Los Angeles, CA

Product offered | Women’s and Men’s active tops and bottoms

Price Range | $$ - $$$

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5 Sustainable Active Wear Brands You Need In Your Life

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