The 5 Best Containers for Meal Prepping

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So, you've made a grocery list. You've set aside the time to meal prep. Now, what are you going to do with all the food that you prepare? One of the most important things is the kind of container that you use to store your food! You don't want your hard work to go to waste or your food to spoil. These are my top 5 affordable containers for make-ahead meals. 

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Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Food Storage Containers, Racer Red, 60-Piece Set 2005627

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Food Storage meal prep

"The OG storage container"

When in doubt, Rubbermaid makes it easy. While plastic containers are not ideal for reheating and storing food, these containers by Rubbermaid are microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe, as well as BPA free. Plus, at an awesome price point of $27 for 60 pieces, it's the perfect meal prep starter kit. And, if you forget them in the work office place, you've got plenty at home. 

This set makes the perfect starter kit for anyone who is going to bring their lunch with them or if you are storing dinners for entire families. The containers vary in size from 14-cup containers all the way down to .5 cup containers, perfect for dressings and sauces.  

Glass Storage Containers with Lids, 9-Pack Glass Meal Prep Containers

"The New Wave"

glass container meal prep solution BPA-free

If you're looking to shy away from plastic in your reusable containers, you can't do much better than this glass set. While you do have to be a bit more careful with this set than traditional plastic, these containers are sturdy, BPA-free, and spill proof! All things I'm sure that I need in my travel dishes! As a bonus, glass containers are oven safe up to 700 degrees, which means you can heat your meals up without having to transfer containers. Just make sure you remove the lids on this set, as the lids are NOT oven safe.  

This 9-piece set comes with 3 dishes in 3 different sizes in some of my most used sizes, so I think it's a perfect way to start the transition to glass containers.  

bento box 3 compartment meal prep containers

The one thing that I do hate about consistently taking my lunch with me wherever I go is the massive amount of dishes I find myself doing each night when I get home. I'm one of those weird ones - I don't like my food to touch. If it's a salad, sure. But snacks? I have a tendency to use a single container for each individual food, so this is the perfect compromise for me. Each one of these containers has three separate compartments so I can keep all food away from each other. No touching here! What's even better is that each compartment is large enough to put in an entree, plus two sides (or 3 different snacks, if you're like me!). 

If you are following my meal prep method of batch cooking, these are a great option to mix and match your meals without having to make them up ahead of time. And as always, BPA-free, microwave-safe and freezer-safe. 


12 Ball Mason Jar with Lid - Regular Mouth - 16 oz

"I'm okay if my food touches"  

mason jason meal prepping healthy glass alternative no plastic

So, in the rare circumstance that I let the contents of my meal touch (aka when they're supposed to!), I like to use a mason jar. Mason jars make the perfect container for overnight oats, as well as for making salads or bring soups on-the-go. If you purchase some silicon lids + straws, you can convert your standard mason jar into the perfect smoothie jar!

Not only are they plastic and BPA-free, but they are super cheap and easy to clean, heat, or freeze. Even better, I like to use mason jars in my pantry to store my dry goods, such as flour, sugar, and grains. They're so multi-purpose! 

stasher silicone bag healthy plastic alternative

 "I don't have space"

The last item in my must-haves for meal prepping are these nifty bags from Stasher. Not only are they NOT made from plastic, but they are self-sealing leakproof, silicone bags that are a healthy alternative to plastic bags. They are completely dishwasher-, microwave-, boiling water-, oven-, & dishwasher-safe and the pinch-press seal to keep things exactly where they are supposed to stay. These are a really smart way to save space if carrying around multiple containers for lunch is too bulky for you. The price point on these bad boys is a bit higher, but they are such a great multi-function option to your standard plastic bag! If you're looking for a slightly cheaper option, these are another great brand here

5 Best Containers for Meal Prepping

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