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Live to Fight Another Day

It's not an easy decision to step back from the start line.  I won't lie - I wrangled with feelings of failure and shame.  Feelings of frustration that this was yet another race that I wasn't going to run because I was injured. But those feelings are all superficial. Those are the feelings controlled by the dark side of your brain - the side that doesn't focus on your health or integrity. Those are the feelings you have to stand up to and say, "Not today, Satan." 

Saving Yellowstone

Yellowstone is OUR National Park. This is land that has been federally protected by Congress and Ulysses S. Grant since 1872 as the first National Park and it needs to stay protected. The pictures that I’ve taken are beautiful you say. But what would you do to save them? Have you been there? Have you seen the sights?  Do you want your children to see them? 

Pt. 3 - Glidin' into the Grand Canyon

 If you want to get in an extra hike, wake up a little earlier. Want to see a place you've never been? Make a plan and go!  It's all so completely and utterly doable, but sometimes it just gets passed by the wayside. There's so much to do in life and not enough time to do it.  Live the adventures, people!  Don't sit back and let it pass!

Pt. 2 - Slippin' into Sedona

"Forest will always hold your secrets, for that's what forests are for. To separate and hide things. To protect, to comfort, to hold, to envelop, to demonstrate, to slow down, to hold, to teach.  Go to the trees to explore your questions and dreams. Go to the trees to desire and seek. The world will listen as you walk, watch, soften, and breathe." - Victoria Erickson