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Closing down on the Open

The final workout of the Open was over for me on Monday. As I threw the jump rope down and I caught my breath and checked the clock, I was both excited and just a little bit sad that the Crossfit Open had come to a close. 

The Fatty Solstice

Statistically, the Fatty Solstice refers to the second Friday of February - the day when the average New Year's Resolution-er falls off the wagon, ditching the gym for the fast food. What causes us to go from well-meaning do-gooder to a life of... meh?

Why Crossfit Isn't a Big Scary Beast...

Functional movements are, at their core, real-world movements. You go outside and bend over to pick up the paper. That's a deadlift. You lift a box of Christmas ornaments back up on the highest shelf. That's a press. All these are movements that start at the core and force power to the extremities. These are the movements, let's be honest, that keep grandma out of the nursing home. You've fallen and can't get up? Get back up on your feet.  With a squat. 

When All Else Fails, Improvise...

I haven't had the best series of race seasons. For a variety of reasons -- posterior tibial tendonitis, stress fractures, sciatica -- I haven't been able to put together a good solid block of training. I've missed more races than I can count, slept through some (willingly), and just been downright unmotivated when it comes to race days.

Back to Basics

One thing that runners chronically overlook is how overall core strength plays a critical role in those later race miles. When our backs are weak, we start to compensate the weakness by activating supporting muscles.