Avoid a "Case of the Mondays" - 5 Easy Ways to Start Your Week Off Right

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Avoid a "Case of the Mondays" - 5 Easy Ways to Start Your Week Off Right

We’ve all heard the term the “Sunday Scaries.” It is, after all, a fear of the start of the coming week, as though Monday harbors some ill-fated nonsense to set the entire tone. But, is that true? Could we be amplifying this anxiety in our own mind? Is it possible that Monday doesn’t have to be something to fear?

Avoiding a Case of the Mondays - 5 Easy Ways to Start Your Week off Right

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Create a list

Let’s start with controlling what you can. Why does Monday have to be so scary? If you take some time to prepare before the coming week, it makes the start feel much less overwhelming. If you work in an office environment and struggle with scheduling meals or workouts, take an hour out of your weekend and plan. Creating a list helps organize the jumbled thoughts in your brain and allows you to address each issue.

Organizing also helps you cut down on waste. One of my favorite tricks is planning my meals for the week before grocery shopping so that I know exactly what to purchase for the upcoming week.

Treat workouts the same way. Add them to your calendar on Sunday and sign up for the classes. Create an appointment on your work or personal calendar to remind yourself that this is time for yourself. If you’re already signed up, you’re much less likely to cancel at the last minute.

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Start with the “scariest” issue first.

What’s the biggest way to cause anxiety about the coming week? Build it up in your own head! Are you nervous or intimidated about a big work commitment? Tackle it first. Is there an inbox full of unpleasant emails first thing? Tackle it! The longer that you wait to deal with an annoying nuisance, the bigger that idea will become in your head. Not only will you feel more productive as you head into your Monday, but you’ll feel less oppressed at the beginning of the workweek if you start it off strong.

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Consider a reward on Monday

If the weekend is the only time that you allow yourself to indulge, of course it’s going to be hard to leave it behind on Monday. If you have a hard time getting back into a routine on Monday because you had too much fun on the weekend, considering doing a special Monday “treat” to ease yourself into the new week. Schedule a little bit of self-care for yourself after work on Monday. Take the power away from the weekend and sprinkle in a little me-time before you feel overwhelmed.

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Get in a workout

Need some endorphins? Or a little pick-me-up? Don’t reach for an afternoon cup of coffee or another energy drink. Schedule yourself a workout. Much like the above, consider this workout a time for you to de-stress from the first day of the workweek. Working out before work can help ease you into the week and, as an post-work event, can help you work out any frustrations you may have had with the day. Plus, getting in a workout first thing during the week will help you start the week out on the right foot!

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Avoiding a Case of the Mondays - 5 Easy Ways to Start Your Week off Right

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Give yourself grace.

When all else fails, give yourself grace. There is no perfect way to tackle a Monday. And some days? It might just not be your day. Remembering that not every day has to be perfect, but that there is perfect in every day, is a powerful way to look at your new week.

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Avoid a Case of the Mondays - 5 Easy Steps to Start Your Week Off Right