How A Bedroom Refresh Can Lead to A Better Night's Sleep

We all know that a relaxing room can be a restful room. But, more importantly, getting a good night’s rest can be imperative for a healthier life. In recent research, poor sleep has been attributed to risk factors for obesity and Type 2 diabetes. So how can you get a more restful night’s sleep? Here are our tips for waking up feeling rested and ready for the day!

Cut clutter

Having a cluttered bedroom can make you feel anxious, stressed, and well, not ready for bed. Consider keeping your bedroom a phone-free zone to reduce the ability for noise and distractions.

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Try a new pillow

Did you know that you should replace your pillow every year? Having a good quality pillow doesn’t just mean keeping your head and neck happy. In fact, improper alignment while you sleep could be causing your back problems! A good pillow should support the curvature of your neck, as well as being adjustable to the various ways you may sleep.

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Try a weighted blanket

Much like a hug, research has shown that weighted blankets can act as a calming and stress-reducing tool for adults and children alike. Weighted blankets work in the same way that swaddling a child does - a small amount of pressure provides a sensory stimulus to reduce anxiety. If you think a weighted blanket is right for you, we would suggest finding one that is 10% of your body weight.

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Try a new essential oil

Have you tried an essential oil diffuser? Diffusers are an inexpensive way to inject a little bit of calm into your nightly routine. There are many scents to try to promote calm and wellbeing, such as lavender, chamomile or sweet marjoram. This study out of Heinrich Heine University suggests that smelling jasmine could be as effective as taking a nightly sedative.

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How a Bedroom Refresh Can Lead to A Better Night's Sleep

Cozy up your bedding

Experts suggest replacing your bedding entirely every 2-3 years. While spending money on high quality bedding might seem intimidating at first, but where else do you spend at least eight hours of your day? Adding a new bedding set or changing out the sheets can change the entire vibe of your bed. If it’s within your budget, maybe it’s time to replace your mattress! We recently got a Happsy mattress and LOVE it!

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Add a little greenery

Ever consider adding a plant to your room? Many houseplants are indoor-friendly and accept abuse of all kinds: low light, drought, or neglect. But, adding these little plants to your room can help boost the oxygen content as well as cleaning the air of harmful chemicals and molecules.

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How a Bedroom Refresh Can Lead to More Restful Sleep

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