Feeling Stuck? 3 Ways to Beat the Summer Slump

If you’re like me, you spend all year waiting for summer! Or, rather, maybe that is the old Illinois me, blissfully hoping for some reprieve from the bleak and cold winters. But, regardless, summer always felt like a magical time. School was out (oh, the days!) and your social calendar suddenly became full of late nights, friend-filled adventures, and, well, joy!

But, as an adult, I’ve started to realize there was less of a separation between the summer that I remember and the rest of the year. And sometimes, I found myself in a slump. Slump, you say? Yes. In fact, when the summer came, and the temperatures heated up, but my social calendar did not, I found myself vaguely disappointed. Maybe it wasn’t that I was disappointed, either. Perhaps it had more to do with finding myself in a bit of a work/life nether.

The summer gives the grand illusion of a reprieve from goals, responsibilities, perhaps even schedule. When that doesn’t immediately happen, it might be easy to feel as though you’ve hit…well, a Slump Summer.

Not all of us have the ability (or financial means!) to take off for a summer holiday. So, how else do you recommend that we free ourselves from the confines of work and responsibility?

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Try a new hobby

As scary as this may be to some, take some time to find a new passion. Maybe there has been something that you’ve been thinking about trying — do it. With kids out of school for the summer, you might find that this is the perfect time to create memories together by participating in joint activities. If kids are away at camp, now is the perfect time to take a class or start a project that you enjoy. These activities don’t have to cost money - start exploring new hiking trails near you, watch for local wildlife in the park, or try a relaxing meditation podcast.

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Take a Solo Trip

Perhaps the answer to a summer slump IS getting out and away. I’ve mentioned before the benefits of a solo travel vacation. For me, it was the perfect answer to never-ending work/life commitments. Take some time to find out what is truly important to you, on your time schedule. You might find that you come back relaxed, refreshed, and ready to tackle the rest of the summer.

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Rearrange Your House - 3 Ways to Beat the Summer Slump

Rearrange a room in your house

One of the simplest tricks that I’ve found to break from a slump is to make a few small changes to your home. Your home is a sanctuary from daily stresses and when you’re feeling less than optimal, a few small changes to your home can make a world of difference. If it’s within your budget, consider purchasing a new bedding set for your bedroom or changing your throw pillows on your couch. Sometimes a small DIY Pinterest project is all you need to give yourself a different outlook on a room.

In fact, sometimes, simply rearranging the furniture within a room gives it a completely different feel. Not only will the room look different, but it breaks from your usual norm, allowing you to feel change in a small, unassuming way. Plus, if you hate it, you can always put it back to its original state!

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If you’ve got a green thumb, consider adding one of these houseplants to your room. Plants are a great way to purify the air in your home, as well as bring a touch of color. And bonus, houseplants are thought to bring happiness and joy into a home!

3 Wyas to Beat the Summer Slump

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